LUGBulk 2021 Program

LUGBulk is a program provided by LEGO through the LEGO Ambassadors Network to allow LUG members to purchase LEGO Elements at a reduced rate. To participate in the program for NewfoundLUG, you need to be:

  • a member of NewfoundLUG in good standing
  • 18+ (or a parent/adult who is 18 can submit your order)
  • agree that you will not be reselling the purchased LEGO elements in any capacity

For 2021, the maximum order per individual is 230€ (about $330CDN, depending on exchange), and the minimum order per LUG is 4800€ (about $7400CDN). These totals do not include shipping and tax, which will be applied.

LEGO will supply a master list of about 10,000 “elements,” and each LUG is allowed to purchase a total of 85 “elements” – in this context, each combination of brick and colour counts for 1 “element” – if you want an example, anyone in the Exec can give you a link to the 2020 list.

Elements must be ordered in incremental steps of 25, except baseplates and those elements costing more than 1.35€ (~$2CDN) – these can be ordered individually.


Can I participate if I don’t live in the St. John’s area?
Yes, but you’ll likely have to make arrangements or pay for shipping your order from St John’s to you.

Is there a minimum purchase?
No – but we will be restricting the element selection process to those that commit to $100 minimum. Note above that you need to purchase at least 25 of each element you select.

Can I just look at the final list and order without any other participation?

Do I have to commit now?
You can pull out of the process any time before your order is submitted and paid for – there will be no refunds after that point (LEGO made a specific exception to this in 2020 due to COVID-19, we don’t expect that to repeat).

Is there anything that can go wrong with the process?
Maybe! Our primary concern is that if we don’t meet the minimum combined order, LEGO may not accept our order. In that case, we’d issue refunds.

That’s a lot of money and a long timeline – can we trust you?
The Executive ran the 2020 LUGBulk program successfully, reach out to those participants if you’d like a performance review. As well, we keep the money in a bank account that exists only for the LUG, it’s not being held in any personal accounts.

Timeline (Please note that this is subject to change)

  • now to December 1st, 2020
    • run survey, gather information
  • December 11, 2020
    • submit list to LEGO of all participants
  • Jan 2021
    • LEGO submits official list of available elements – estimate 20,000
    • each participant submits who has committed to $100 or more chooses 4-5 elements
  • February 2021
    • Executive will take the list of submitted choices (we estimate 150-200), eliminate duplicates and run a mock order for all participants
    • Mock order will be used to reduce list to 85 elements
  • March 1st 2021
    • NewfoundLUG will open our official order form
  • March 15th 2021
    • Orders must be received and paid for at this time
    • Executive will add a “buffer” of 5% to account for currency fluctuations
    • No changes are possible once order is submitted
  • March 21st 2021
    • Deadline for order to be submitted to LEGO
  • Late Summer/Fall 2021
    • LUGBulk coordinator will officially invoice NewfoundLUG
    • May need to collect additional funds and/or refund funds at that time
    • Executive pays invoice
    • LUGBulk ships
    • We sort it
    • you get it