Points Program

The points balance page is password protected. Please contact us if you need the password.

The spirit of NewfoundLUG’s point program is to encourge participation in LUG activities such as events/shows, build nights, meetings, and more. Members build points by participating in these activities.

At each LUG activity we try to award a small gift to a member through a draw. Members receive one entry in the draw per point accumulated. A winner is selected at random.

Rules of NewfoundLUG’s point program are as follows:

  1. This program began on September 5, 2019.
    1. All members began with zero points.
    2. Members attending the Sept. 5 meeting received 1 point.
  2. Points can be earned for the following activities (one point per activity):
    1. Attending a meeting.
    2. Displaying an item at an event.
    3. Staffing a table at an event.
    4. Attending a Build Night.
    5. Contributing an article to the LUG website.
    6. Miscellaneous activities at the discretion of the Executive.
  3. One point is equivalent to one entry in a draw.
  4. Winner of the draw is selected randomly using the Wheel of Names or a similar tool.
  5. Members must be present at an activity to be eligible for that activity’s draw.
  6. Winning a draw resets that member’s points to zero.
  7. After winning a draw, a member may begin accumulating points again at the next activity and become eligible for subsequent draws.
  8. The program runs in “waves” lasting approximately 6 months, as determined by NewfoundLUG Executive.
  9. All members’ points are reset to zero at the beginning of a new wave.

Members can check their points balance on the Points Balance Page and please report any errors by contacting us.