Meet a Member – Charlie Mudd

As part of growing our group and local community, we started the Meet a Member initiative on, to feature the people who make up our local LEGO community.  This initiative is 100% voluntary. Each month, we will interview a member of NewfoundLUG to find out how LEGO makes them tick, their passion for the hobby, and other fun facts about their LEGO journey.

This month’s featured member is: Charlie Mudd

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LUGBulk 2022

Quick update for LUG Members!

What’s LUGBulk?

it’s a way for NewfoundLUG members to buy bulk LEGO parts for cheap – usually around 25-30% of the list prices for new parts.

How do I participate?

We will be posting a link to a survey, we’d like you to fill it in. You can just PM me your email address and tell me you’d like to participate, but the survey is more useful to us.

Whats the deadline?

We will be submitting our list at the end of October. Any individual that wants to participate needs to be ON THAT LIST. If your name is on the list, you can chose to not participate later, but if your name is not on the list you will NOT be able to participate.

What are the details I need to know, how does this work?

I’ll be hosting a FaceBook live session where I answer questions and talk about the details. I’ll try and schedule it for this week or early next. As always, you can ask an Executive member if you want more info as well!

Next Event- NewfoundLUG at AvEx 7

NewfoundLUG will have a manned display at Avalon Expo 7, Sat-Sun, Sept. 18-19, 2021, Holiday Inn, Portugal Cove Road, St. John’s, NL, Canada. Here are some quick notes:

  • We are being given six (6) tables (likely 2.5 x 6′) to use for display during the event.
  • We are being given up to six (6) event passes. The LUG may provide a couple more, pending interest.
  • We will be limiting each participating member to 1-2 small sets or MOCs, to ensure everyone who wants to participate is able to. 
  • If you are interested in participating, we are asking that you notify an exec member as soon as possible, and we will add you to our Facebook thread for the event.

We have now posted our Table Staff Sign Up Sheet to Google Drive. We ask that any interested/participating LUG members type their name into their preferred time slots for the weekend. This really helps us organize and schedule the event.

Since this will be more of a “shift-work” type event, we would strongly recommend filling out a display card and small write-up on your sets/MOCs so guests can read about your display even if you are not present.

Links to the sign up sheet and display cards posted on our FB page and in our September newsletter.

Reach out with any questions!

LUGBulk Sorting

We’ll be sorting our LUGBulk order on July 11th, starting 11am at the Rabbittown Community Center in St. John’s.

This is NOT a public event – if you are a LUG member able/willing to help, we ask that you reach out to the Executive – we can be reached newfoundlug(AT)

We need:

  • scales that can measure 1/10 of gram
  • Boxes, sized about 30cmx30x30

2021 LUGBulk has shipped

We have shipping confirmation from Fed-Ex that our 2021 LUGBulk is on the way – it’s scheduled to arrive here Wednesday, July 7th.

We are planning on sorting this order for distribution to participants on Sunday, July 11th.  If you are able to help out, please let us know!

  • sorting will be indoors
  • masks will be required
  • social distancing will be maintained
  • If you have a kitchen scale that measures 1/10 of a gram, that would be VERY helpful.

7166 Imperial Shuttle Review by Patrick Barnes

“Senior” Set Reviewer & Star Wars expert Patrick Barnes is back with another set review for our website. Found out what he has to say about 7166 Imperial Shuttle:

Patrick: As someone who got into collecting Lego Star Wars in ~2006, there were some great sets I missed out on that came before and set 7166 Imperial Shuttle is no exception! Coming in at 219 pieces with 4 minifigures, this set effectively captures the look of the Imperial Shuttle seen in Star Wars: Episode 6, with large wing and slope pieces used to capture the dainty design of the ship. However, as a 20 year old set, the build is relatively basic, with simple ratcheted joint connections for the cockpit and wings, and not a single technic pin to be seen.

Much like most Star Wars Lego sets, the ship looks drastically better in its “wings down, flight/attack position” mode than its “wings up, landing position” mode. Unfortunately, the ratcheted joints don’t allow the wings to lower beyond this, but it still captures the design effectively.

Because the model doesn’t utilize most its core for technic mechanisms, there is sufficient room in the core to house Palpatine and both his guards, as well as their accessories, on a small, slide-out platform. The hatch also folds down and resembles a ramp, though I don’t know if this was deliberate or a coincidence when designing the platform.

Towards the front of the ship, the printed windscreen (which is a great looking piece) can be removed to allow access for a pilot. The console piece used is pretty weak, looking more like some kind of wired connection than driving controls. However the cockpit itself is pretty spacious, almost fitting two figures. Above the cockpit, two printed pieces are visible, both of which are great and add necessary detail to the ship. On both sides of the cockpit, bar pieces are used to imply forward cannons, which could have been easily improved by a small pin, or even a lightsaber hilt, at the ends.

The set features 4 minifigures, which are (from Left to Right), Emperor Palpatine, Imperial Shuttle Pilot, and two Imperial Royal Guards. These are great figures to include in the set as a pilot is necessary and Palpatine is always escorted by his red-robed guards. The printing used on Palpatine’s face is iconic for the character, with deep wrinkles and squinted eyes, and the Royal Guards must have been good for the time as Lego has been using their headpiece ever since. The standout of the lineup for me is the Shuttle Pilot, who has clean and efficient torso printing for a 2001 figure and is exclusive to this set. My sole complaint is Palpatine not getting a lightsaber and the pilot not getting a blaster, but otherwise a great selection.

Overall, this is a great set to pick up if you can find it semi-cheap on the aftermarket. Lego just released a new Imperial Shuttle that I believe is similar in scale, though even this set, at 20+ years old, can likely be found cheaper. I thoroughly enjoyed the more simplistic build, and I am eager to purchase more older sets!

Thanks Patrick!