Teleconference Annual Meeting – Wednesday, May 6th.

If you want to attend, please reach out by email to newfoundlugATgmailDOTcom, and I will make sure you have an invite. We will be using WebEx for the meeting.


  • Election of Officers
  • Annual Report
  • draw for “useful item” build prize
  • draw for attendance prize
  • Going forward as a group during physical distancing.
  • LUGBulk and LAN update

Some tips for the teleconference:

  • headphones help
  • Please turn on your webcam if you have one – seeing faces makes a HUGE difference!
  • If you can’t use a computer, there is a toll-free dial-in number.
  • I will try to broadcast my end on Facebook as well, but it’s going to be hard to follow comments there
  • if you want to count as “attended” you will need to conference in.

Meeting, March 5th and other events!

We will be having a club meeting on March 5th, 7pm at Bricks and Minifigures.

This is going to be some administration – Agenda:

  • New sets from LEGO for activity support
  • Planning for a part draft for some of these sets (see below)
  • Ideas for a major project for 2020?
  • Timing of next fun events

What is a set draft? It’s a way to bulk up your LEGO brick collection.

Normally, everyone who wants to participate buys the same set, we get together and sort them out into logical groups of parts (for example, a bundle might be 4-5 minifigures, or a bunch of wheels, or all the windows), and draw lots for who gets to pick what lot first.

Well, we have some medium sized sets that we have 13 copies of, so sometime in the next month we are going to do a set draft WITHOUT you needing to buy anything!

We would also like to hear ideas for new fun events. Some things the Executive has planned for March and April are:

  • Set Draft
  • Build night
  • Stud.IO tutorial (if there’s enough interest)

Make your voice heard in the comments, on Facebook or via email ( , or now on Twitter (@newfoundlug)!

Group Meeting July 2

NewfoundLUG will be having our regular group meeting on Tuesday, July 2 starting at 7pm @ Bricks & Minifigures on Blackmarsh Road.

New and old members welcome, bring your latest build and hang out!

We’ll be getting an update from our LEGO Ambassador, and discussing our plans for Avalon Expo.

Hope to see you all there!

Convention: Bricks in the Six

Bricks in the Six is a 4-day LEGO fan convention being held in Toronto, ON from August 8-11, 2019. Some members of NewfoundLUG are planning to attend, and the convention organizers have used a creation by one of our members in its promotional material!

Terra Nova by NewfoundLUG member A. Wheeler featured in a flyer for Bricks in the Six.

The convention runs from Thursday to Sunday with games, activities, events on Thursday and Friday for full registrants, and a chance to show off creations to the Public during the public exhibition days. Find out more at the event website. If you’re able to check it out it’s worth your while, whether you want to see some of Canada’s top LEGO builders at the public exhibition, or register for the full 4-day convention.

Read more

NewfoundLUG on CBC NL’s ‘Whadd’ya At?’

Back in August, CBC NL did an interview with NewfoundLUG members Matthew Zwicker and John Gillingham.  Check out the video to hear Matthew explain “What the heck is a LUG?” and hear John describe how NewfoundLUG got started.  The segment turned out great, with plenty of shots of member builds and sets.  Thank you to Bricks & Minifigs for lending space for the shoot, and to CBC NL!

NewfoundLUG, and a love of Lego

Who knew Lego could be art? This group in the St. John’s area get together to create NewfoundLUG – Lego Users Groups – because they love the creating scenes with the classic toys.

SHIPtember 2018

SHIPtember – Build a LEGO spaceship at least one hundred studs in length during the month of September.

One of our LUG members (Swoosh Factor) is taking on the SHIPtember challenge this year and is sharing his progress via Flickr.  Check out his build in the album below and keep an eye out for updates.

SHIPtember Day 1

From the event organizers:

SHIPtember 2018

One Month.
One Hundred (plus) studs.
Seriously HUGE.
Seriously FUN.

Build a SHIP must be 100 studs or longer between September 1st and October 1st. That’s it!

 What do I do? Simple! Start building your SHIP starting on Sept 1st, and start posting WIP shots as you go so everyone can all praise your guts for building a SHIP in a month!

Work in progress (WIP) shots should be posted in The SHIPyard

 And your final glory shots should be posted in the Finished Armada Thread

  Pre-SHIPtember Rule! – Start whenever!

Since a good portion of people are going off to school in September or otherwise disposed, you can start now as long as you start posting in the WIP thread – you have one month to finish.

 What is a SHIP? a S.H.I.P. is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is at minimum 100 studs in length. Alternatively it has also been dubbed a S.eriously H.uge I.nvestement in T.ime…

 What scale should the SHIP be? Whatever floats your SHIP.

 Does it have to be space-ship