Review: Hogwarts Room of Requirement 75966

Written by Shell LeDrew and Sam LeDrew Gallant

This set includes 3 mini figures. 

  • Luna Lovegood. 
  • Hermione Granger 
  • Harry Potter 

The set itself features a front and back wall to allow the feeling of one side of Hogwarts hallway and the hidden room behind for those members of Dumbledore’s Army. 

The outside wall appears to be a regular hallway wall with Dolores Umbridge’s proclamations hanging on it

  • Proclamation 23: Dolores Umbridge has been appointed headmaster. 
  • Proclamation 30:  All Weasley products banned. 
  • Proclamation 68: All student groups  disbanded. 
  • Proclamation 82 All students submit to questioning. 

The Top three proclamations are included in the actions feature when they explode off the wall just like in the movie when the Weasley twins have their epic moment with flying broomsticks and fireworks ending in Umbridges proclamations coming crashing to the ground. 

Another action feature includes the middle brick-wall that can slide to the side to reveal a beautiful hidden wooden door with rounded arch and latticed window. 

This entrance is the hidden entrance to the Room of Requirement. The room is a small version of the Room of Requirement but executed excellently given the small size of the build. 

To the right of the build we see the fireplace which features the trigger for the exploding proclamations action feature. The fireplace build is intricate and appears cozy and required some time to build due to the intricacy. 

The interior columns are indicated with the detailed upper halves of the columns and they provide an ornate and rich look to the room. 

There is additional brick built freestanding memorial for Cedric Diggery.  It features several pictures of Cedric as well as a newspaper clipping about his death. 

Another build is a partial brick built/partial mini known as Defence of the Dark Art dummy. This is used by members of  Dumbldore’s Army for spell training. 

As for the Patronis, we have Luna Lovegood’s rabbit in patronis blue… it’s a new rabbit mould and is standing. Also it feature Hermione Granger’s Otter. 

In summary for the size of the build this is an excellent replication of the The Room of Requirement. Well priced build at $29. 

2021 LUGBulk Update

We’ve uploaded a new page containing information and a timeline for the 2021 LUGBulk program.

Remember this is only open to members of NewfoundLUG – have you filled in the survey yet?

Teleconference Annual Meeting – Wednesday, May 6th.

If you want to attend, please reach out by email to newfoundlugATgmailDOTcom, and I will make sure you have an invite. We will be using WebEx for the meeting.


  • Election of Officers
  • Annual Report
  • draw for “useful item” build prize
  • draw for attendance prize
  • Going forward as a group during physical distancing.
  • LUGBulk and LAN update

Some tips for the teleconference:

  • headphones help
  • Please turn on your webcam if you have one – seeing faces makes a HUGE difference!
  • If you can’t use a computer, there is a toll-free dial-in number.
  • I will try to broadcast my end on Facebook as well, but it’s going to be hard to follow comments there
  • if you want to count as “attended” you will need to conference in.

Upcoming Events

Hi all!

Well, it sure is an unprecedented time in history right now. While we are all self-isolating, there’s still stuff to do!

On May 6th, 2020 at 6pm, NewfoundLUG will hold its Annual General Meeting. We will be electing the Executive for the next two years, and taking care of any business that needs the voice of the membership.

That meeting will be telepresence meeting – the specific technology has yet to be determined. If you can’t attend, please consider a voting proxy, someone you trust who will submit a vote for you on any discussion topics. Ensure your voice is heard!

To ensure you are notified of how the meeting will be conducted, look on Facebook or email newfoundlug-AT-gmail-DOT-com to let us know you are interested.

As well, we are going to be running a series of small, themed builds with a draw for a set. Stay tuned for those, or check us out on Facebook for more news and discussion!

Meeting, March 5th and other events!

We will be having a club meeting on March 5th, 7pm at Bricks and Minifigures.

This is going to be some administration – Agenda:

  • New sets from LEGO for activity support
  • Planning for a part draft for some of these sets (see below)
  • Ideas for a major project for 2020?
  • Timing of next fun events

What is a set draft? It’s a way to bulk up your LEGO brick collection.

Normally, everyone who wants to participate buys the same set, we get together and sort them out into logical groups of parts (for example, a bundle might be 4-5 minifigures, or a bunch of wheels, or all the windows), and draw lots for who gets to pick what lot first.

Well, we have some medium sized sets that we have 13 copies of, so sometime in the next month we are going to do a set draft WITHOUT you needing to buy anything!

We would also like to hear ideas for new fun events. Some things the Executive has planned for March and April are:

  • Set Draft
  • Build night
  • Stud.IO tutorial (if there’s enough interest)

Make your voice heard in the comments, on Facebook or via email ( , or now on Twitter (@newfoundlug)!

Third Annual NewfoundLUG Showcase

Our Third Annual NewfoundLUG Showcase is coming up on February 22 from 10-4 at Bricks & Minifigures.

This is your chance to shine! All builds welcome, be it a custom-designed MOC or a cool set. We will be looking to firm up who is bringing something in early February, but start thinking now about what you want to bring for display!

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to come by and see what we have to show off!

Meeting January 7th, Upcoming Events

Hi all – I promised I’d be better at updating the site so our non FaceBook users get updated. It looks like I have at least one New Year’s resolution I am already “bending.”

There is a LUG meeting January 7th, 7pm at Bricks & Minifigures on Blackmarsh Road. Our agenda is:

  • Christmas Update – what did you get?
  • LUG Bulk Update
  • BrickLink tutorial

Additionally, there are some upcoming events you should keep in mind:

  • February 22nd 2020 is our Third Annual Showcase – this is when we show off all our builds for the year!
  • March 5th is the next meeting after this one
  • May 6th is our Annual General Meeting (AGM)- We will be electing Executive Officers for the next 2 years at this meeting.

If you want to be eligible to vote at the AGM , you need to have attended at least one other meeting or event since the last one (Exceptions can be made for active group members who are not local to the Northeast Avalon – talk to your executive!)