New Challenge Build – Vancouver Island!

This is a really different one – we are doing a cross-Canada collaboration project, and our LUG was paired with Mid-Island LUG from Vancouver Island. So we want to see some builds based from there!

This one might need some research on your part! They did give us some ideas and starting points though:

  • Vancouver island architecture: The Bastion, The Empress hotel, Coombs (goats!), Chemainus, Ladysmith, Cape Scott lighthouse
  • They are BIG on Outdoor activities biking, skiing, surfing
  • Fishing, Logging are major industries
  • There’s a lot of small islands, so they have a lot of Ferry Boats
  • Wildlife can be things like Orca, Deer, Elk, Cougars
  • Dogwood is provincial flower
  • They also asked us to stay away from Indigenous Peoples iconography – we want to be sure we are respectful of cultural appropriation here.

Due date is August 20, and we are going to actually bring these builds together for a photoshoot if possible (if it’s not possible, we will figure something out then). Submit pictures on your build to

Happy Building!

Massive MOC: Oceanex Connaigra

Over the last year and a half Jon Murphy has been working on a minifigure-scale model of the Oceanex Connaigra. You may have seen portions of it on display at a NewfoundLUG event. Jon recently completed the ship and its shipping containers and was contacted by Beyond the Brick to do an interview and tour of his creation. The story was also picked up by some other LEGO fan media and some local media. Check out the links below for videos and details. Congrats Jon!

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Upcoming Events

Hi all!

Well, it sure is an unprecedented time in history right now. While we are all self-isolating, there’s still stuff to do!

On May 6th, 2020 at 6pm, NewfoundLUG will hold its Annual General Meeting. We will be electing the Executive for the next two years, and taking care of any business that needs the voice of the membership.

That meeting will be telepresence meeting – the specific technology has yet to be determined. If you can’t attend, please consider a voting proxy, someone you trust who will submit a vote for you on any discussion topics. Ensure your voice is heard!

To ensure you are notified of how the meeting will be conducted, look on Facebook or email newfoundlug-AT-gmail-DOT-com to let us know you are interested.

As well, we are going to be running a series of small, themed builds with a draw for a set. Stay tuned for those, or check us out on Facebook for more news and discussion!

Third Annual NewfoundLUG Showcase

Our Third Annual NewfoundLUG Showcase is coming up on February 22 from 10-4 at Bricks & Minifigures.

This is your chance to shine! All builds welcome, be it a custom-designed MOC or a cool set. We will be looking to firm up who is bringing something in early February, but start thinking now about what you want to bring for display!

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to come by and see what we have to show off!

SHIPtember – Seriously Huge Investment in Parts

SHIPtember is an online event hosted by Flickr group The Shipyard. From their page:

What is a SHIP? A S.H.I.P. is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is at minimum 100 studs in length. 

One Month. One Hundred (plus) Studs.

What do I do? Simple! Start building your SHIP starting on Sept 1st, and start posting WIP shots as you go so everyone can all praise your guts for building a SHIP in a month!

What is a SHIP? A S.H.I.P. is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is at minimum 100 studs in length. 

The Shipyard

Swoosh Factor, screen name of a NewfoundLUG member, is again taking on the SHIPtember challenge in 2019. Last year, he built the Terra Nova for the challenge and his creation has been featured on promotional material for Bricks in the Six 2019, and at several NewfoundLUG shows.

Follow Swoosh Factor’s progress with this year’s challenge at his Flickr photostream. His retro rocketSHIP creation promises to be equally impressive!