SHIPtember 2018

SHIPtember – Build a LEGO spaceship at least one hundred studs in length during the month of September.

One of our LUG members (Swoosh Factor) is taking on the SHIPtember challenge this year and is sharing his progress via Flickr.  Check out his build in the album below and keep an eye out for updates.

SHIPtember Day 1

From the event organizers:

SHIPtember 2018

One Month.
One Hundred (plus) studs.
Seriously HUGE.
Seriously FUN.

Build a SHIP must be 100 studs or longer between September 1st and October 1st. That’s it!

 What do I do? Simple! Start building your SHIP starting on Sept 1st, and start posting WIP shots as you go so everyone can all praise your guts for building a SHIP in a month!

Work in progress (WIP) shots should be posted in The SHIPyard

 And your final glory shots should be posted in the Finished Armada Thread

  Pre-SHIPtember Rule! – Start whenever!

Since a good portion of people are going off to school in September or otherwise disposed, you can start now as long as you start posting in the WIP thread – you have one month to finish.

 What is a SHIP? a S.H.I.P. is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is at minimum 100 studs in length. Alternatively it has also been dubbed a S.eriously H.uge I.nvestement in T.ime…

 What scale should the SHIP be? Whatever floats your SHIP.

 Does it have to be space-ship


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