Review: 75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike

Check out what our resident Star Wars expert Patrick Barnes has to say about 75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike in his first review for

Hey Everyone, my name is Patrick Barnes and I collect Lego Star Wars. I recently purchased a secondhand set and figured I’d write a short review about it as it was hard to acquire in Newfoundland at the time and the set is pretty funny overall.

The Specs

The set is Star Wars set 75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike, which was originally released in 2016 and sold for $24.99 CAD on However, outside of the official Lego store this set had a limited release other than Target (which we had lost by 2016) so I had never even seen this in Newfoundland prior to buying it online.

The set includes Kanan’s bike, two stolen Imperial cargo crates, and 3 figures; Kanan, a Stormtrooper, and the Imperial Combat Driver, who is exclusive to the set.

The Build

The overall build for Kanan’s bike is really cool and partly the reason I wanted the set so badly. It uses some great techniques to build up the front steering vanes and outrigging section, and the bike adds some nice detailing towards the pedals and rear. Arguably the inclusion of two imperial crates is even more appealing, and these are built up really nicely and look perfect for any imperial base or diorama. They can be linked or unliked via ball-joints, and even include some generous cargo, as seen below, in the form of extra blasters and thermal detonators.

The Minifigs

As previously stated, this set includes 3 figures, who are (from Left to Right): Kanan, an Imperial Combat Driver, and a Stormtrooper. All three of these figures are based on the Disney XD show Star Wars: Rebels, specifically Season 1, which would have been airing around the time of release.

Kanan was included in a handful of other Rebels Season 1/2 sets, but he has nice leg and torso printing, a dual-sided face, and wields his classic blue lightsaber.

The Imperial Combat Driver, who is exclusive to 75141 (other than a UK Lego Magazine gift), is primarily the reason I got this set. He has some awesome leg, torso, head and helmet printing that can be used on a variety of Imperial characters, and he wields a small blaster pistol. This figure is essentially a reprint of the At-Dp Driver in grey, who appears in a handful of sets in white, but I much prefer this version.

The final figure is the traditional Stormtrooper that was released coinciding with Star Wars: Rebels, and while I’m not all over the droopy moustache design of the Rebels Stormtrooper helmets, I like the torso and leg print overall. Beneath the helmet is the expected “Angry Clone” face, and while this may not be my favorite Stormtrooper, its still a welcomed inclusion in the set.

Final Verdict

It probably sounds like I have nothing negative to say about this set; Great builds, generous accessories, solid figures, and all at $25! Unfortunately, this set has one major downside which cannot be excused and is really only noticed when the entirety of the set is observed:

The proportions of this set are OUT TO LUNCH. The figure doesn’t even almost fit the bike, and putting all that detail into pedals that the figure couldn’t even dream of reaching definitely detracts. I described it as “A Baby Sitting on Dad’s Chopper”: cannot reach the controls, cannot reach the pedals, he’d be better off hopping in one of the crates. Unfortunately, this is a disconnect often seen in Star Wars sets, where the build might be accurate, but the scale is off, and vice versa. In this case I would’ve liked to have seen them scale down the build even a little, while keeping the shaping of the bike.

Regardless, the individual parts of the set outweigh its sum, and it was definitely worth picking up. I found one within Canada for original retail price plus shipping, so it can still be acquired semi-cheaply. If you have the opportunity to pick up this set, potentially adding something Hard-to-Find to your collection, I’d recommend it even for the figures!

Thanks Patrick!

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