Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars Begins Tomorrow!

Our 2nd annual “Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars” begins tomorrow! This is our annual December Advent Battle running on, typically pitting the Star Wars Advent Calendar against the Harry Potter Advent Calendar. This year however, a new entrant joins the battle- the Marvel Advent Calendar- making this the first 3-way battle to date!

This daily battle runs until December 24th and is just a fun way to compare the daily advent calendar gifts that come in each of the three calendars.

Each daily offering will be ranked by the reviewers and earn points as follows:
1st Place- 2 points
2nd Place- 1 point
3rd Place- 0 points

At the end of the 24 days, the calendar with the most points wins!

Our daily reviewers for each calendar are Stephen Churchill (Marvel), Patrick Barnes (Star Wars), and Matthew Zwicker (Harry Potter).

Best of luck to all advent calendars and see you tomorrow for Day 1!

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