Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 2

After a great opening day for each calendar, let’s see how things shake out in Day 2:

Day 2- MCU

Steve: MCU comes off a Day 1 win. Can they keep the momentum?


No, they can’t.

Day 2 reveals an energy blast pack. It’s impossible not to feel disappointed by this, it’s not even a build. It works great as accessories for the Day-1 Tony Stark figure, but in terms of being excited at what we saw when we opened the door, this day was a bust.

No description available.

Day 2- SW

Patrick: Behind the door for day 2 is another micro ship build, though this one is a little less recognizable than the Razorcrest we got on day 1. What this is is a micro version of Riot Mar’s Starfighter seen in Season 1: Chapter 5 of the Mandalorian – he’s the bounty hunter who Mando is engaged in a dogfight with at the beginning of the episode. Considering who comes out on top there, I’m surprised to see this ship included in the advent calendar. The design is fine I guess, but its barely seen on screen and theres hardly a reference image online to compare it with. What saves this build here is its length and wingspan, taking up a pretty big space for a micro build. Its also pretty nice to get a micro bounty hunter ship as most micro builds are good guys or bad guys.

The Star Wars advent seems to be off to a slow start, but its still early!

No description available.

Day 2- HP

Matt: HP’s Day 1 offering went back to the series’ roots with the Privet Drive sign. The build has been placed in its appropriate spot on the board game mat. We don’t know how it all will come together just yet, but let’s see where Day 2 takes us.

Behind the door is the Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter. Despite the numerous iterations of Harry in LEGO form, you can’t really have an HP calendar and not expect to see the main character himself show up.

It appears we are sticking to the Year 1 theme again, as this iteration of Harry represents his Pre-Hogwarts form from the first novel/film. This explains the baggy, oversized clothing he is wearing, arguably a hand-me-down from Dudley Dursley. This would also explain the exclusion of his typical dark brown wand that often shows up with his character in LEGO form, as he doesn’t know he is a wizard yet (“You’re a wizard, Harry!”).

What’s particularly awesome about today’s entry is that this figure (in particular the torso piece), has only appeared once before, in set 75978 Diagon Alley, a massive, super-expensive, but awesome LEGO set. So to be able to get this variant of the figure in an advent calendar represents extremely great value. You could even argue it is unique/exclusive, as his dual-sided head is different than the one in Diagon Alley (albeit, still commonly used for Harry).

All in all, I’m happy with today’s entry and I believe HP fans will be too!

No description available.
No description available.


With HP presenting a unique minifigure today, it’s gets the top spot to take the full two points today. In second, Star Wars gets on the board with its first point of the season with its ship microbuild. In last place, MCU, providing a basic accessory pack that’ll likely still be popular with kids.

The score is now:

HP- 3

MCU- 2

SW- 1

To be continued…

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