Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 17

We’ve arrived at the weekend once again, and the race is still hotly contested between HP and MCU. If SW wants to stay in the hunt, they’ll need a strong showing today. Let’s see how it all unfolds on Day 17 as we usher in the weekend:

Day 17- MCU

Steve: Day 17 for the MCU sees a return of the microbuild with a micro-scale Quin-Jet.

Having been a long-time collector of the Star Wars Advent calendar, I appreciate a well-designed micro-scale build. I feel that the designers on the Marvel Advent Calendar are not quite up to the same level as the Star Wars designers.

This build has some odd gaps and questionable choices for the design of the entire rear section. It’s identifiable but that’s about all it has going for it. Compare and contrast the EXCELLENT micro-build that Star Wars provides today.

No description available.

Day 17- SW

Patrick: Sticking with the Imperial faction again, day 17 of the Star Wars advent gives us possibly the best micro from the calendar thus far, Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser! This vehicle design has existed in Star Wars for a number of years, but this is its first time ever interpreted in micro. The angles achieved with slopes are really nice towards the front and back sections, and the bridge uses an interesting design I would previously have thought was an illegal technique. Its cool, innovative micros like this that makes including them in advents worth it!

No description available.

Day 18- HP

Matt: After HP’s win yesterday, they’ve changed the narrative a bit in the mid-calendar season, and I’m pleasantly surprised so far. Let’s see they can do on Day 17.

Behind the door is a trolley for carrying school gear to the Hogwarts Express, via platform 9.75. Sadly, there isn’t much of a festive or on-theme element today, as this trolley could slot in for a City advent calendar or retail set for that matter. The build is straight forward. Curiously, there were two 1×4 dark grey plates used for the bed of the trolley, in place of a single 2×4 dark grey plate. Not often will you see this sort of part usage in an official set, especially when a 2×4 would be more efficient/structurally sound. This is more of a note for the LEGO geeks among us, but certainly weird imho.

I guess the redeeming features of today’s build would be the functioning aspect (it does roll, after all) and the scale aspect. I’m only considering this now, but you could reuse the Diagon Alley wall from Day #9 as the entrance to platform 9.75, and run through it with the trolley. Might be fun for a laugh! In any event, we now have a cart to load up with previous days’ offerings, such as the wand box, book, etc. Overall, I’d probably say this falls more on the disappointing side than anything.

No description available.


With its accuracy and unique build design, SW takes a much needed two points today with its microscale Light Cruiser. In 2nd place, HP salvages a single point due to the function/scale of today’s offering, if lacking in the festive/theme categories. 3rd place belongs to MCU, with its identifiable, microscale Quinjet.

After the dust has settled on this Friday, all calendars are still in the thick of things, and the scores are now:

HP- 19

MCU- 17

SW- 15

To be continued…

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