Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 21

With SW out of the race, it’s down to just HP and MCU with just four days remaining. Let’s see what happens today:

Day 21- MCU

Steve: Day 21 in the MCU is another microbuild Tony’s Hall of Armour.

This is exactly what I want from a micro-build. Take just a few pieces, and instantly evoke the image of the original thing in LEGO form. This is essentially a mini-build of the full-size LEGO set, and it looks great. It’s always nice to see the micro-figs, and an extra one in the spare pieces is a nice touch as well.

Solid build, best micro-scale from the MCU yet.

No description available.

Day 21- SW

Patrick: Unfortunately there’s not much to say about the Star Wars build behind door 21. A weapon rack, containing a blaster rifle for IG-11 and a phase-pulse blaster for the upcoming Mando, is provided, but otherwise there’s a few random clips and slopes that’ll soon be in bulk. While Star Wars is expecting to finish strong, it continues to drop the ball late in the game.

No description available.

Day 21- HP

Matt: Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that by Day 21, HP would be where it is in the Battle. However, it’s been a pleasant surprise so far. Let’s see if they can finish the job on Day 21.

Behind the door of Day 21 is a classic staple of HP calendars- a feast table from the Great Hall. We’ve now crossed the lake and the students are awaiting the sorting ceremony.

The table works with the short to medium legged figures which dominate this calendar, and it’s a similar build we’ve seen out of past calendars. The big prize today are the great food accessories- a loaf of bread, bowl of cherries, and a rare-ish pumpkin! Anytime you get food items is a great time. All in all, another great scale entry with plenty to offer on Day 21.

No description available.


With another to-scale build plus food accessories, HP takes the top two points AGAIN, and pretty well wraps up the overall 1st place finish in this year’s Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars! However, the story isn’t over as there is a hotly contested race for 2nd place. Stay tuned for our reviewers final thoughts in the upcoming days and see how it all plays out.

The scores are now:

HP- 27

MCU- 20

SW- 16

To be continued…

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