Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 15

SW grabbed top marks yesterday while MCU kep HP off the scorecard. Let’s see what happens on Day 15.

Day 15 – MCU

Steve: On the fifteenth day of Christmas the Guardians gave to me…..  A cane made of plastic candeeee.

We enter Day 15 on the high of scoring some points twice in a row for the first time, and door 15 presents us with a Candy Cane.

It’s nice and festive, and at least relevant to the season (looking at you, tool box…), but even as a minifigure-scale standing decoration this feels underwhelming.  The build itself is clean, if simple, but there’s no print or exceptional parts to make it stand out.  It’s at best a middle-of-the-road entry at a time the MCU needed to make up some ground before being mathematically eliminated from contention.

Day 15- SW

Pat: The stellar micro builds continue for Star Wars with an awesome 24-piece TIE Interceptor build seen in Episode 6. This is a ship we’ve received criminally few proper iterations of in the past, with our last system scale of the ship coming in blue and black in 2006, and a UCS scale in 2000. Otherwise, the last 16 years have been peppered with polybag builds, a planet series micro, a microfighter, and a subpar advent appearance in 2016 (plus its appearance as a micro in at least one set I can think of, GWP 40407 in 2020). You’d think I’d be sick of the Interceptors, but really I just want a good one, as most we’ve received have been awkward, stubby, and poorly angled. This one is thankfully neither!

Using the new 4×2 wedge plates in black, the wings of this build are really sharp and menacing, as the in-universe ship is. Black ingots used on the wings provide some nice shaping, and the cockpit using a dish really helps the build (which the 40407 build was lacking). The build doesn’t rest flatly, which is to be expected, but it does rest back on its heels on the groove of the wing plate, providing it with a cool attack angle seen below. Not much else to say; super nice build signifying, hopefully, an upcoming system scale set. 

Day 15- HP

Andrew: After a few days of “meh” from the HP calendar, we come out swinging with a minifigure of fan-favourite Nymphadora Tonks! This appears to be an exclusive variant, similar to her appearance in Lego set 76408 (12 Grimmauld Place) but with a different torso print and lacking leg printing. These figures seem to have similar main expressions as well, but the calendar version offers an alternate face with a duck beak (whereas I believe 76408’s has a pig-snout alternate). The only other version of Tonks was from 2020’s Attack on the Burrow set, where she featured a much different (and plainer) look.

The figure looks good, although it continues the trend of no printed or dual-molded legs that seems standard in this calendar. The design of the torso print is nice, but the printing could be a bit brighter—the printed flesh tone on the torso doesn’t quite match the face. Still, this calendar is by far the least expensive set to feature Tonks, and an exclusive variant at that, and so this is a solid contender for today’s victor. I think only a more holiday-themed figure could stop Nymphadora Tonks from taking the top spot today.


With its calendar-exclusive and overall rare minfigure, HP takes a no-doubter today and snags top marks with Nymphadora Tonks. In second place, an impressive SW microbuild edges out MCU who fall to the basement, a familiar place for the calendar this year.

HP and SW continue to flip-flop the lead, and the scores are now:

SW- 18

HP- 18

MCU- 9

To be continued…

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