Meeting Minutes: August 7, 2018

NewfoundLUG met on August 7, 2018 at Bricks & Minifigs, St. John’s.


  • AvExpo table
  • AvExpo Presentation
  • Fall LUG show
  • Raffle for website
  • Logo for LUG


  • Welcome to Thomas Ferdinand for your first meeting!
  • John Gillingham, Thomas Ferdinand (first meeting), Patrick Barnes, Matthew Zwicker, Andrew Wheeler, Jonathan Jones, Paul Smith, Jason, Trevor Johnson, Steve Churchill, Geoff Stevens


  • Avalon Expo table:
    • NewfoundLUG will be attending Avalon Expo on August 24-26 at the RE/MAX Centre (St. John’s Curling Club) in St. John’s.
    • All LUG members welcome to bring MOCs, items from collections, or just drop by!
    • Anything LEGO-related goes; don’t feel limited by a sci-fi theme.
    • One table guaranteed from the event organizer.
    • More space available (“as much as we want”) if bringing our own tables.
    • Need to let the organizer know by Aug. 20 how much space we’ll need.
    • Members needed for setup, teardown and table coverage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
      • Facebook thread will be started to organize.
  • AvExpo Presentation:
    • Discussed whether the LUG will do a presentation at Avalon Expo this year.
    • Noted that the current presentation has been used a few times, and some fresh content or slightly different focus would be good.
    • Opting not to do a presentation this show.
  • Fall LUG Show
    • Discussed whether the LUG will do another show of its own this year.
    • St. John’s Library may be doing another Geek-Out event in the Fall.
      • If so, the LUG will probably attend and not do its own event.
    • If there’s no fall Geek-Out, a Facebook poll will determine whether the LUG will do its own fall show.
  • Fundraiser for Website
    • Need to raise $60 to reimburse Andrew House for LUG website registration/hosting fee.
    • Selling tickets on 76105: The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition
      • Purchased (used) from John Gillingham for $50 from ticket proceeds.
    • $5 per ticket
    • 22 tickets to be issued.
    • Geoff Stevens (Secretary) accepted funds for 19 tickets during the meeting.
  • Website
    • Andrew House seeking content for the LUG’s website.
      • Flickr/Instagram/other feeds can be integrated in a gallery.
      • NewfoundLUG logo to be included when ready.
      • Bylaws will be posted to the site.
      • Other ideas and content are welcome.
  • Logo for the LUG
    • Logo drafted by Andrew Wheeler was adopted.
    • Image files to be provided by Andrew and Trevor.
  • CBC What Are You At
    • Matthew Zwicker was contacted by CBC to do a segment for CBC’s “What Are You At?” website/YouTube/Weekend AM show.
      • Aug. 14 at 7:00 pm at the Bricks & Minifigs store.
    • The segment will highlight the LEGO group and LEGO scene in NL.
    • LUG members are welcome to bring models for display and stick around for the shoot.
      • Bring in any time Tuesday.
      • Pick up Wednesday or Thursday.
    • To be posted to Facebook to organize anyone bringing in MOCs.
  • Show with the Plastic Modeler’s group:
    • Discussions fell through for a show this time around.

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