Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2018

NewfoundLUG met on October 9, 2018 at Bricks & Minifigs, St. John’s.


  • tutorial by Stephen Churchill.
  • Next meeting/social event.
  • Possible set draft.
  • Other business.


  • Stephen Churchill, John Gillingham, Paula Gillingham, Trevor Johnson, Andrew House, Andrew Wheeler, Matthew Zwicker, Geoff Stevens


  • Recycling account: Andrew Wheeler let us know he would look into this soon. The plan is to set up an account at Evergreen Recycling and the funds from donated recyclables will go to NewfoundLUG to cover show costs, website fees, banners, posters etc.
  • Next meeting: decided to try for another meeting before Christmas with date to be decided by Facebook poll.
  • Set draft: Discussed possible set draft as a social event, possibly in conjunction with next meeting. To be decided
  • demonstration: Thanks to Steve Churchill!
    • is a computer modeling software for LEGO creations.
    • It was devloped by BrickLink and is free!
    • Steve gave a good intro covering the parts library, colours, placing bricks, selection tools, hinge tool, changing views, clone tool, submodels, creating parts lists, importing models, grids and snapping, collision detection and more.

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