Meeting Minutes: May 1, 2019


  1. Annual Report
  2. RLUG Ambassador
    1. Resolve the role of the RLUG ambassador within the group going forward:
      1. allowed as non-president member of Exec
      2. non-voting, only advises Exec?
      3. bi-annual rotating role?
    2. Amendment of bylaws to reflect the decision, including possible escape clause
    3. All Potential Ambassadors given chance to speak:
      1. Andrew Wheeler
      2. Matthew Zwicker
    4. Vote on who will assume the role:
  3. Proposed Bylaw Amendments:
    (see current bylaws )
    1. Update “Mandate 3.1” to reflect status as official RLUG
    2. Amend “Mandate” to explicitly include community/charitable work
    3. update “Election 7.1” and “7.3” process from “nominate at annual meeting, vote over 1 week” to “nominate before annual meeting, elect officers at meeting”
    4. Update “Election 7.4” process to make President and Vice separate elections.
    5. Update “Executive” to reflect results of Ambassador vote
    6. Update “Meetings 5.5” to explicitly allow remote participation in meetings.
  4. Election of Officers
    1. Confirm nominations
    2. Determine “neutral site” for voting for any position not acclaimed.
  5. Funding
    1. Approve allocation of funds from recycling to Andrew H for website
    2. discuss other funding
  6. Other discussion
    1. Event at the Library May 4th
    2. Event in Placentia May 31st (John G)
    3. RLUG status discussion
    4. Other/new Business


Stephen Churchill, Matthew Zwicker, John Gillingham, Paula Gillingham, Patrick Barnes, Jasen Vokey, Andrew Wheeler, Andrew House, Geoff Stevens, Paul Dawe, Jon Murphy, Don Richard, Matt Cooper, Tony Ronan, Mike Matthews (remotely), Wes Saunders, Barbara-Ann Geehan


  • Stephen Churchill noted that 15 members were present at the beginning of the meeting, constituting a quorum. Two more members joined late to make the attendence 17. Quorum is defined in the LUG’s bylaws as 10 members.
  • Agenda Item 1: Annual Report
    • President Stephen Churchill read his annual report to the meeting.
  • Agenda Item 2.a: RLUG Ambassador role within the LUG
    • Three questions presented for discussion:
      • Whether the Ambassador can also hold a postion on the LUG Executive.
      • Whether the Ambassador should hold a non-voting, advisory position on the LUG Executive.
      • Whether the Ambassador role should be a biennial, rotating role.
    • Stephen Churchill proposed the following terms for the Ambassador role:
      • Two-year term.
      • Non-voting, advisory position on Executive.
      • Ambassador cannot hold another Executive position.
      • LUGBulk orders will need Executive approval.
    • Points of discussion:
      • Term for Ambassador: Two-year terms were proposed to provide a more stable relationship with the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) than would one-year terms. The LAN representative had indicated that two-year terms are common. Pros included continuity and effectiveness with more experience in the role. Cons included risk of an underperforming Ambassador and the time required to follow removal process.
      • Possibility of also extending Executive positions to two-year terms was discussed. Pros included less meeting time required for elections. Cons included less frequent turnover of Executive and reliance on the removal process to address any Executive member failing to perform duties. This topic was tabled until next meeting.
      • Possibility of a succession plan for Executive roles whereby the VP becomes the President, providing a period of preparation and transition. General consensus that this would mean timeline commitments that are too long for many members.
      • Allowing consecutive terms as Ambassador: Pros included continuity and being more effective in the role with experience. Cons included risk of entrenchment.
      • Composition of LUG Executive: Concerns were raised at this time regarding the size of the LUG’s Executive. Executive currently consists of 3 roles: President, Vice President, and Secretary. Concern was raised that this is too small for the LUG and reduces transparency to the general membership. Discussion followed with the following points: Executive positions should exist to fulfill a need; running the LUG has been largely collaborative and by consensus; membership has grown about 25% this year; the new Ambassador non-voting role would bring number of Executive to 4; possibly Membership and/or Communications roles could be added. This topic was tabled until next meeting.
    • Vote called on the following option, proposed by Stephen Churchill and seconded by Andrew House:
      • Ambassador term will be two years.
      • The role can be held for consecutive terms.
      • Ambassador will be a non-voting Executive role.
      • Ambassador cannot hold another Executive position while in term.
      • Vote called by show of hands.
      • Motion carried with two opposed.
  • Agenda item 2.c: Election of Ambassador
    • Email from the LEGO Ambassador Network was read to the group. This described what is required in the Ambassador role.
    • Candidates Andrew Wheeler and Matthew Zwicker spoke to the group and took questions.
    • Vote was called by secret ballot.
    • Matthew Zwicker was elected RLUG Ambassador by a vote of 10-5.
  • Agenda item 3: Proposed By-law Amendments
    • Proposed amendments were read, vote called by show of hands and passed unanimously.
  • Agenda item 4: Election of Officers
    • Nominations:
      • President – Stephen Churchill
      • Vice President – Mike Matthews
      • Secretary – Geoff Stevens
    • All positions acclaimed.
  • Agenda item 5: Funding
    • Approved allocation of $80 from the LUG’s recycling fund to reimburse Andrew House for this year’s web hosting fee.
    • Andrew Wheeler to withdraw funds from the recycling account and email to Andrew House.
  • Agenda item 6: Other discussion
    • Discussed preparations for May 4 Blockomania event at A.C. Hunter Library.
    • John Gillingham discussed possible event in Placentia on June 1 being held by the Placentia Chamber of Commerce. Noted that a decision is needed by the end of the weekend. Tabled for further information and decision.

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