Meeting Minutes: July 2, 2019


  1. Avalon Expo 5
  2. LEGO Ambassador Network update


  • Andrew House, Don Richard, Stephen Churchill, John Gillingham, Matthew Zwicker, Jon Murphy, Andrew Wheeler, Paul, Patrick Barnes, Geoff Stevens


  • Avalon Expo July 19-21, ReMax Centre St. John’s, NL
    • NewfoundLUG will be attending and all members are welcome to display.
    • Schedule for table coverage to be organized via Facebook.
    • AvEx organizers will have bulk LEGO set up in a play area for kids.
    • Panel to be done by NewfoundLUG (time slot was annouced as 1:00 pm Saturday Jul 20.).
      • Plan to use content from previous panel but any member is welcome to join the panel and add content.
    • Jon Murphy noted he plans to run a “guess how many bricks” contest for convention attendees to win a small LEGO prize he is providing.
  • Previous event debriefs:
    • Blockomania
    • Placentia Age Friendly Expo – May 31, 2019
      • Thanks to all members who displayed at this event, our first outside St. John’s.
      • Members noted problems with kids wanting to play with the displays.
  • LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) Update – Matthew Zwicker
    • “Onboarding” process introducing Matt to the LAN and its programs. Assigned a Brickmate (mentor) Patrick Begin from QueLUG.
    • Activity Support Program:
      • Care package of LEGO sets sent to each RLUG twice per year, free of charge.
      • RLUGs decide what to do with their sets.
        • Can’t be sold.
        • Example uses: Building event/exhibition; create MOCs for public display; build meeting/competition within the LUG; online live stream or raffle; break into parts for a parts draft within the LUG; set some aside for prizes at events; use as bulk for a kids building area at events.
      • For the first wave, Executive voted to set the date of today’s meeting as cut-off for eligibility, as a thanks to members who have gotten the LUG to this point. Members of good standing as of July 2, 2019 will be eligible for the activity involving the first wave of sets.
      • Matt has already applied and obtained approval for NewfoundLUG’s first wave. Delivery is expected in July.
    • LUG Bulk Program:
      • Offers RLUG members opportunity to purchase bulk bricks direclty from LEGO at a discount.
      • Takes place around Jan-Mar of each year.
      • Choose from over 9,000 unique elements (same piece of different colour means different elements).
      • Some limitations: Minimum ~$3,000 (15,000 DKK) order for the RLUG; Maximum ~$300 (1,600 DKK) per member; maximum 85 unique elements per RLUG; elements ordered in minimum quantity of 50 then increments of 25; HST will be added; 12% shipping fee will be added.
      • RLUG will have to decide how to allocate choices of the 85 unique elements.
      • Previous year’s list (2019) is available for viewing and Matt will distribute directly to members. 2020 list not yet released.
    • Project Support Program:
      • Intended for large projects taken on by the RLUG.
      • Opportunity to purchase discounted LEGO elements in bulk.
      • Example projects: large-scale mosaics; regional landmark MOC; not-for-profit event kits; RLUG build for an event.
      • Application-based.
      • Something to look into after being longer-established as a RLUG.
  • Bricks in the Six, August 8-11, Toronto ON
    • Jon Jones and Andrew Wheeler plan to attend and both offered to bring back bricks from LEGO’s pick-a-brick wall if any member is interested.
  • Pints and Planes – July 24, 2019
    • John Gillingham noted this event, a partnership between Bricks & Minifigs, Admiralty House Museum, and Landwash Brewery.
    • Event celebrates 100th anniversary of the Transatlantic Air Race with a pint and 1 hour of building for $14 ticket. Prize available entrants.
  • Build nights:
    • Several members have indicated interest in more frequent meetings, and more time spent discussing/building LEGO.
    • Regular, drop-in style build nights are in planning and are expected to start after the AvEx event.
  • Inquiry regarding event at Bricks & Minifigs:
    • John Gillingham expressed interest in an event at the store over the summer. Possibilities include presentation on techniques, open build time for members and the public, etc.

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