Meeting Minutes: September 5, 2019


  1. Build Night! Bring a set to assemble!
  2. Activity Support Program
    1. Update on sets received.
    2. Plan for distributing sets.
    3. Point system overview.
  3. Geek-out at The Library
    1. Event planning.
  4. LUGBulk
    1. Presentation by Matt Zwicker.
    2. Upcoming survey.
  5. Set schedule for 2020 meetings.
  6. Stud.IO session with Steve (time permitting).


  • Mike Matthews, John Gillingham, Paul Dawe, Patrick Barnes, Stephen Churchill, Geoff Stevens, Don Richard, Paula Gillingham, Matt Lane, Andrew Wheeler, Wes Saunders, Wilson Hynes, Jasen Vokey, Andrew House, Matt Cooper, Barbara-Ann Geehan, Matt Zwicker, Adam Burry


  • Activity Support Program
    • RLUG Support Package received from LEGO twice per year.
      • NewfoundLUG’s first package arrived in August 2019.
    • List and photo of sets received was displayed on-screen to meeting attendees.
    • For details on package contents please contact an Executive member.
    • Description from LEGO Ambassador Network:

The RLUG Activity Support Program purpose is to appreciate Recognized LEGO User Groups and their members for their effort in relation to community activities. The Recognized LEGO User Group receiving the RLUG Activity support is responsible
for deciding what community related activities this support is used for.

Every Recognized LEGO User Group will automatically be provided a Free Support Package twice a year.

LEGO Ambassador Network
  • Activity Support Program (continued)
    • NewfoundLUG’s Exceutive put forward its plan for distributing the 2019 2nd half-year Activity Support Package. Sets will be allocated to the following uses:
      • Distributed to LUG members in appreciation for efforts to date in LUG development.Given out to LUG members going forward as a reward for participating in LUG activities. This will be done on a points-based system described below.Parted out for draft(s) at an event for LUG members.Donated to chosen charity Ronald McDonald House.Prize(s) in a fundraising raffle for the LUG.Given out to LUG members in a Christmas Draw.
  • Points System
    • Points are awarded to members for participation in LUG activities.
      • +1 for attending a meeting, attending a build night, helping at a show, displaying at a show (+2 for helping and displaying), and for miscellaneous contributions to the LUG as awarded by the Executive.Points are used as entries into Activity Support giveaways.Generally there will be one giveaway at each meeting/event. Winner randomly chosen from all outstanding points at time of giveaway.Winner’s points get reset to 0.
      • Winner can continue to build points and enter giveaways in that half year.All member points get reset to 0 upon delivery of a new Activity Support Package.
  • LUGBulk
    • Overview presentation given by Matt Zwicker.Discussion on how to best select the list of 85 unique elements from which members will be able to order.
      • Option 1: members each submit list of 85 elements and a correlation exercise determines the 85 elements to be on the LUG list based on number of members interested in an element, or other criteria.Option 2: members each submit the top 4-5 elements they would be interested in ordering in bulk quantities. Individual lists get compiled to form the LUG list of 85 elements.Discussion on whether NewfoundLUG will be able to meet the minimum order of approximately $3,000 while adhering to the maximum purchase per member of ~$314.
      • General consensus that minimum order will not be an issue since so many members expressed interest in placing their maximum personal limit.Noted that a meeting dedicated to LUGBulk is required and will be organized by the Executive committee.LUGBulk Interest Survey was introduced and will be posted to NewfoundLUG’s Facebook page to gather necessary information from interested members.
  • Geek Out At The Library
    • October 19, 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at AC Hunter Library in St. John’s.NewfoundLUG will be in attendance; points to be earned toward Activity Support set giveaways!Facebook post to follow to organize displaying members and table coverage.
  • Ronald McDonald House
    • Mike Matthews reported that RMH is interested in hosting a build night for NewfoundLUG members.RMH guests would watch members build (many kids are not able to build themselves).Completed build could be presented to a child and left with them (very small sets).Unanimous support for this idea among members present.RMH will contact Mike Matthews with as much notice as possible when their timing is right for this event.
  • Set Giveaway
    • First draw for a set from our Activity Support package! The prize: 60225 LEGO City Rover Testing Drive!
LEGO 60225 Rover Testing Drive
  • Set Giveaway (continued)
    • This was the first meeting for which attendees earn points. Each attendee received one point and was entered into the draw once.
Random selection by
  • Matt Lane was the lucky winner. Congrats!
Winner Matt Lane, Geoff Stevens, Mike Matthews, and Stephen Churchill (L-R)
  • Meeting adjourned to JANGBRICKS review of the set and copious LEGO-related banter, discussion and building.

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