Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 4

HP regained its very early lead with yesterday’s microbuild. Will they expand on that lead or will SW keep it close? Let’s see what’s behind the doors of Day 4:

Harry Potter- Day 4

Matt: Behind Day 4’s window is the Beauxbatons’ Carriage with Abraxan. Coming off the heels of the Durmstrang ship, this is the magical mode of transportation used by the Beauxbatons’ girls school to travel to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. Another microbuild, this carriage is faithfully recreated to match its on screen and parent set versions (75958: Beauxbatons’ Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts). The model includes a variety of colours, ranging from light royal blue, dark red, and pearl gold. While the wheels do not move, I think the usage of the dark tan discs work perfectly here. It is immediately apparent what this microbuild is, which is always an important consideration. The Abraxan (winged horse) pulling the carriage is recreated well, however there are many people confusing it for a swan. Overall, this is another strong microbuild, and in my opinion, the 2nd best of the last 3 days, just behind the Durmstrang ship.

Now that we have all 3 schools represented, it will be interesting to see where the calendar goes next, and if we start getting Yule Ball related entries. Stay tuned.

Star Wars- Day 4

Steve: Star Wars reveals a second minifigure today: Luke Skywalker in Tatooine outfit, with just one accessory, a set of Macrobinoculars. The choice feels appropriate after getting the Lars Homestead yesterday. It’s not a unique figure, but it does have some nice leg printing. Overall, it’s fine. With Harry Potter putting up another stellar build with the Carriage today (and keeping their own 2-day theme with the House transportation), by our own metric I give this one to the minifigure, but it feels like SW gets lucky.


HP comes out with another respectable microbuild today while SW produces a non exclusive fig. Given that we put more weight on minifigs, today’s point goes to SW by the slimmest of margins. The force was certainly with SW on this day, and the score is now:

HP- 2

SW- 2

To be continued…

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