Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 6

Featured reviewer Patrick Barnes covers our SW review again today!

After reclaiming the lead on Day 5, HP holds a precarious 3-2 edge. Can they expand on their score or will Star Wars bounce back as they have done consistently this season? Let’s check out what Sunday’s Day 6 has in store:

Harry Potter- Day 6

Matt: After the marvelous Cho Chang fig yesterday, I’m hoping HP doesn’t let its foot off the Floo Powder on Day 6. Behind the door is a mini-fig scale Goblet of Fire! The titular entry presents a movie-accurate, minifig scale version of the goblet. Aspiring champions from the three schools throw their name in the hat vying to be selected and deemed worthy enough to represent their school in the Triwizard Cup. This entry makes marvelous use of the 1×1 plate “with stick” (totally not the official part name) as well as a Travis brick (alas, it’s black and not brown) to faithfully represent the model. Topped with a trans light blue with sparkles flame piece, I think today’s entry is great, employing the use of some trickier/inverted techniques. I really like the way the goblet portion on the top half comes together, which wasn’t immediately apparent during construction. All in all, another strong entry for HP today as it looks to keep its momentum going.

Star Wars- Day 6

Patrick: Behind door #6 of the Star Wars advent calendar is our first advent build based on Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, The TIE Dagger from Palpatine’s Final Order Fleet. While this build adopts a similar cockpit shape and colour scheme to other micro TIE Fighters, it is held back by a similar disadvantage to that seen in previous advent calendar TIEs: It can’t naturally stay upright due to the shape of its wings. It’s too bad because the wings use the nice new 2×4 wing plates, which create the right shaping, but it could’ve included a little stand like the System set 75272 does. Speaking of which, the ship usually has red accents as well, and its too bad some red couldn’t be incorporated the design. Nonetheless, this is a decent addition to the calendar repertoire and the limited Sequel-era advent builds we’ve received.


Based on HP’s minifig scale entry and techniques used, as well as significance to this year’s calendar, HP takes another point today. With that, HP extends its lead by 2, the first such lead of the competition- but again, it’s still early days. With that, the score moves to:

HP- 4

SW- 2

To be continued…

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