Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 12

Patrick Barnes is back with the weekend SW reviews!

After the first ever tie was given out yesterday, both HP and SW are hoping to break the gridlock today. Let’s see what Saturday has in store:

Harry Potter- Day 12

Matt: After a peculiar day yesterday in which both calendars provided lackluster offerings, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out of the weekend with the lead. Behind door $12 is…another horcrux. I’m kidding. It’s another appalling offering, this time in the form of a window sill/frame/thing? There’s one thing to be said for attempting to make a coherent scene, and another thing to provide random, non-HP oriented offering. Today’s model actually connects to yesterday’s which might be the only redeeming highlight, save the festive wreath atop the model. Overall, I’m too tired of subpar models to really run this one into the ground but needless to say, we’re gonna put this day behind us.

Star Wars- Day 12

Patrick: Behind the door for day 12 is a Porg, as seen in Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9. This is the 5th version of the minifigure-scale Porg Lego has done, and coming off a Christmas coloured one from 2019 this one feels pretty underwhelming. Though its technically exclusive to the set, all that changes is the colour of the tail/wing/body pieces in most versions of the animal. However, as they’re usually seen in numbers in the movies, its a nice creature to get multiples of, and they generally do a good job with the design, using a reprint of the BB8 head piece. Overall, this advents first animal addition isn’t amazing, but appreciated nonetheless.


Clearly, SW takes the point today as HP struggles to find any momentum midway through the season. WIth that, SW takes the lead once again, and the score is now:

HP- 5.5


To be continued…

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