Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 19

Patrick Barnes is back with our weekend SW reviews!

With just 6 days left, the battle is reaching a boiling point, with both calendars going day for day. The final week is critical for both calendars, and we will ultimately see which one comes out on top. Let’s see the results for Day 19:

Harry Potter- Day 19

Matt: After giving up the lead (yet again), HP really needs to impress this week if they want any shot at winning the overall battle. Behind Door #19 is Parvati Patil! The twin of Padma who we received on Day 15, she is also the last minute date of Harry Potter for the Yule Ball. This is the first iteration of Parvati Patil in brick form, making her an exclusive as well. Like her twin sister, she sports a similar colour attire, although this time her dress colours are the inverse of her sisters, with a coral torso and printed magenta 1×2 brick as her dress. She also shares similar highlights as her sister including the gold bindi on her forehead and her facial expression (dual sided). Upon closer inspection, there are some very slight differences in the silver printing on their dresses, which adds to the exclusivity factor, however I’m not 100% sure this was intentional. She also sports a dark orange wand, with an extra sprue. With today’s entry, we now have two Yule Ball exclusive Patil twins. On a side note, I often felt bad for the twins because Harry and Ron weren’t exactly great dates that night, as both of them wished they were there with someone else. Overall, these are the type of gifts we want in HP calendars- new, exclusive, festive, and HP related. HP is ticking all the boxes today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Star Wars- Day 19

Patrick: Entering the final weekend of the advent calendar, door 19 reveals the advents second animal, a mini Tauntaun! I guess he’s a Rudolf the Red-Nosed Tauntaun due to the addition of the stud, which was probably unnecessary, I would’ve been happy to simply get the Tauntaun build, but appreciated regardless. This little guy has a pretty complex build to achieve the right shaping of the body, tail and legs, and the inclusion of a 1×1 brown plate for the saddle was a nice touch. The head doesn’t look great with the big tan clips used to hold the horns on but I can’t think of a better piece they could’ve used instead either. In general this is a nice attempt at a Tauntaun at this scale that will have a hard time beating an exclusive Harry Potter character.


With its third exclusive minifigure of the season, Harry Potter takes today’s point form Star Wars, and retakes a one point lead deep into the season of advent. The matchup is razor close and heading into Sunday, the score is now:

HP- 10

SW- 9

To be continued…

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