Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 4

Everything is tied up heading into the weekend. Something’s gotta give on Day 4. Let’s find out:

Day 4- MCU

Steve: For Day 4 the MCU Calendar gives us a minifigure – Black Widow. It’s not a unique figure, but it is a good one. Metallic printing on the torso looks really sharp, even though it isn’t a unique print. A very nice touch is printing on the arms, something often left off Advent Calendar figs. Rounding out the figure is a pair of her trademark electric fighting sticks and a marshmallow on the end for roasting.

No description available.

Day 4- SW

Patrick: Behind door Number 4 is, in my opinion, the first stellar build for this advent calendar. This small E-Web Turret build is a great scale and has great shaping with the lightsaber and the BB-9E dome piece towards the barrel. I could give or take the stud shooter on top, but that can be omitted and the build still looks solid. An extra white stud is included, I guess its a snowball launcher? Either way, great minifig scale gun build and nice addition to my Imperial collection!

No description available.
No description available.

Day 4- HP

Matt: After a fireplace entry yesterday, I expect something to adorn the side clips. Unfortunately, I am correct. Behind the door is…err…an accessory pack. A broom, shovel, festive wreath, and three 1×2 printed envelopes are included on Day 4. It’s hard to be happy about this as an advent calendar gift, but having followed the HP calendars over the last couple years, I’m not surprised to see it. HP has a tendency to combine entries over multiple days to form a complete build/scene. Personally, I feel like this strategy “cheapens” each offering individually, but as a whole, the result is pretty cool. We now have a festive fireplace, with functioning chute, and accessories. I just wish this happened over one day rather than two.

No description available.
No description available.


MCU is the clear winner here today with the Black Widow minifigure. SW takes 2nd place due to its scale build and function. HP brings up the rear again for the second day in row, although the completed fireplace build is now pretty great. As such, the scores are now:

MCU- 5

SW- 4

HP- 3

To be continued…

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