Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 5

As we round off the weekend, only two points separate 1st place from 3rd. Let’s see how Day 5 plays out:

Day 5- MCU

Steve: Day 5 of the MCU Advent Calendar is a… BBQ? This is a perfectly well-designed minifig-scale grill, It includes a chicken leg for cooking as well as a fire extinguisher. It’s just an odd choice as it does really fit in the Marvel theme or the Christmas theme.

No description available.

Day 5- SW

Patrick: The build behind door number 5 of the Star Wars advent makes a weapons rack look like a UCS. These targets for Day 4’s E-web are a decent idea in theory, but getting them on their own day kinda kills them; they would have been nice to see included with the turret itself. In addition to this, it would have been nice to see some prints on the tiles for targets or bullseyes, or even the Imperial logos found in the brief Action Battle series Lego did a couple years ago; those were red AND had the Imperial Insignia. The only saving grace is the use of those nice torch pieces for the target bases and the new-ish 1×1 snot plate for the connection. All in all, these will be in my bulk by New Years.

No description available.

Day 5- HP

Matt: After failing to secure any points over the last 2 days, HP really needs to bounce back to stay in the race early on. Behind the door on Day #5 is the “HAPPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY” birthday cake, given to him by none other than Rubeus Hagrid in book/film one. This is an exclusive print on a 2×2 round tile, and arguably the first time TLG has addressed this scene in the franchise. Even as a kid reading the novels I really enjoyed this scene, as it was the first time Harry’s birthday had truly been acknowledged by anyone, the Dursley’s included. In addition to that, it also was a symbolic introduction to Hagrid who would go on to form an important relationship with Harry and Co. throughout the series. The pink frosting and green wording are true to the film and novel as well (I believe). The box it fits in is designed well enough. I think the 3×3 white plate, while welcome, is a little too “clunky” for the build, but nevertheless does the job. I wonder if this will be all for the “island” scene where Hagrid tracks down Harry and the Dursley’s, who are “on the run” from the constant Hogwarts acceptance letters. We shall see tomorrow but for now, it should be a cakewalk for HP, pardon the pun.

No description available.

Verdict- After two straight losses, HP takes the cake on Day 5 (ok, puns end now) with its exclusive 2×2 printed tile. In 2nd place, MCU, with a grill that while not festive or thematic, is well built. In 3rd place, not much of anything from SW, with lackluster targets. At least it gives the entry on Day 4 something to shoot at. HP and SW swap places, while MCU retains the lead. The scores are now:

MCU- 6

HP- 5

SW- 4

To be continued…

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