Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 6

After a back and forth weekend, all calendars are still in the running as we begin a new week leading up to the holidays. Let’s see if MCU hangs on to the lead or if we have a new frontrunner on Day 6:

Day 6- MCU

Steve: MCU comes into the first full week with a lead – can they hold on? Door #6 is a table set for a BBQ. Like yesterday, it is a good build – the hamburger in particular is made with an interesting technique – but again, like yesterday, it doesn’t fit the theme or the season. Good build, odd choice.

No description available.

Day 6- SW

Patrick: Behind the door for day number 6 is another micro build that stays on theme with the Imperial stuff we’ve been getting over the last few days. This 20-piece rendition of the Trexler-6 Armoured Marauder, seen in Chapter 12 of the Mandalorian, is well shaped and solid, much like its official set, 75311. Unfortunately, while it is accurate, its pretty unimpressive, and outside of some nice ingots and SNOT (Studs Not On Top) pieces, there’s not much here to scrap for either. Star Wars, again, relies on the other calendars being disappointing for the micro build to clutch out some points.

No description available.

Day 7- HP

Matt: After snagging first place yesterday to stay in the running, HP looks to keep the momentum going. Behind Door #6 is none other than Dudley Dursley. Continuing the island scene, Dudley is presented to us in his stripped pj’s and cowlick-style hair, accurate to the film. This is one of the first real fun moments of the movie where Dudley begins eating the cake gifted to Harry on Day #5, and Hagrid hits him with a “pig tail” spell (“I shouldn’t have done that…”- Hagrid). I love the fact that the pigtail is represented on the back of the torso. A dual molded face is included as well, expressing Dudley’s shock and horror at his new tail. This is a unique, exclusive print for Dudley and as far as I know only the second time he has been represented in LEGO form. An accessory may have been nice but this figure should receive top marks on the day.

No description available.
No description available.


For the first time this season, HP puts up back-to-back strong entries with an exclusive Dudley Dursley minifig and as such, wins its second consecutive day. In 2nd place, SW offers a microscale build that has just enough to edge out MCU, with another backyard BBQ themed build.

With that, the overall lead switches, and the scores are now:

HP- 7

MCU- 6

SW- 5

To be continued…

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