Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 7

Rounding out the first 7 days of Advent, we still have a very closely contested battle on our hands. Onward to the results:

Day 7- MCU

Steve: Marvel ends the first week with a strong entry – a unique Spider-Man mini-figure!

Spidey comes with a mug for hot chocolate and a churro for snacking on. The torso print is new, a letterman-style jacket with a “Spider-Man” logo across the back (even Spidey needs a jacket in that New York winter weather). The head print is crisp, with printing front and back, and while I wish the legs had some print, overall this is a great figure.

No description available.
No description available.

Day 7- SW

Patrick: Day 7 of the Star Wars advent reveals another obscure micro vehicle build, though I like this one quite a bit more. I’m pretty sure what this is is Mythrol’s Speeder from Chapter 12: The Siege of the Mandalorian. It’s what Mando, Cara, Greef, and Mythrol pull up to the Imperial Outpost in, and funnily enough, it gets destroyed by the Imperial Marauder, the micro we received yesterday during an escape attempt! The speeder is similar to Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder from Episode 4 except blue, and the windscreen only covers the drivers seat. This was honestly a complex little build and has great shaping. It’s cool to expand the micro speeder fleet, especially with ones as obscure as this. However, it’ll have some tough competition.

No description available.

Day 7- HP

Matt: After stellar performances over the last two days, I’m expecting HP to fizzle out shortly. However, that day is not today! Behind Door #7 is an exclusive, printed sign of The Leaky Cauldron! This is the first time that the wizarding pub has truly been alluded to in LEGO form. I am a sucker for unique printed tiles and signs, especially on this 2×3 flag tile. This print would be a perfect companion piece to Diagon Alley or any HP layout/scene in general. I think it is one of my personal favorites from the calendar so far, and a total surprise to me.

No description available.

It’s worth noting that the HP calendar continues to follow the chronological order of the first novel/film. The Leaky Cauldron is of course the entrance to Diagon Alley, the wizarding world’s premier shopping grounds. Perhaps we will see some builds related to the famous street? Stay tuned.


With its exclusive minifigure, MCU takes another clear win today. In 2nd place, HP grabs the single point with its unique printed sign, and has put up three strong entries in a row. In 3rd place, SW, with another microbuild ship- there’s been a lot of those so far.

A small gap has opened up between frontrunners MCU/HP and trailing SW. The latter will need to bounce back with a good showing tomorrow to stay in the running. The scores are now:

MCU- 8

HP- 8

SW- 5

To be continued…

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