Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 11

Heading into the weekend, we’re in a familiar place, with all advent calendars still in the race. Let’s see what Saturday brings us on Day 11:

Day 11- MCU

Steve: Day 11 in the Marvel Universe brings back a Minifig!

We have Thanos here in figure form (#ThanosWasRight), but it looks like he got coal for Christmas.

He has a sack (no doubt for stealing half of Christmas) and comes with a minifig scale Infinity Gauntlet. Torso print is crisp with metallic printing.

I’ve always felt the big-fig version of Thanos was too big so I’m glad to see him in this scale. He’s technically unique to the calendar, but a glance at Bricklink says that’s only because this print comes in a set with his helmet.

Good fig, glad to see the villains represented for the MCU.

No description available.

Day 11- SW

Patrick: Day number 11 for the Star Wars advent shows a departure from Tatooine, in an X-Wing! This great little micro design is almost a staple of Star Wars advent calendars, with some variant on it appearing in almost half the calendars released. I guess this is Luke’s X-Wing from the final episode of the series, meaning hopefully there’s more Gideon’s cruiser or season finale builds coming. Its a cool one to get duplicates of, to flesh out the micro rebel fleet, but it still might have some tough competition against HP and MCU today.

No description available.

Day 11- HP

Matt: After a couple low points across all calendars, we’re all looking for something exciting on Day 11. It appears we’ve gotten our wish- the first head-to-head minifig battle of the 2021 season!

Behind Door #11 is Griphook the Gringotts goblin. This was somewhat expected based on yesterday’s service counter with built in stool, but you love to see a figure pop out on any day.

Griphook is the goblin that escorts Harry and Hagrid to Harry’s vault in Gringotts during the first film. He would go on to play a larger role down the road in the series. This iteration of Griphook is unique owing to his dual-sided face with sneering smile. The only other variant of this figure is found in Series 2 of the HP Collectable Minifigures “blind bags”, making this figure fantastic value in this advent calendar. His torso only appears twice before as well. The dual molded head piece with hair is fantastic, and it could totally be used on a custom elf elder in the MOCing world. He is holding Harry’s key to his vault here, and we get an extra one on the sprue. Overall, gifts like this are great for any advent calendar, giving the builder an opportunity to collect exclusive or hard to find figs.

No description available.
No description available.


Our first head-to-head minifig battle of the season pits MCU vs HP. In discussing our verdict, we consider the figure’s exclusivity (unique) as well as rarity in our ratings metrics. Thanos, while technically unique owing to the lack of helmet, appears in more sets (10) than Griphook (2). Further, Griphook is a exclusive figure thanks to his dual-sided head. While we all agree Thanos is a larger figure in each respective universe, it is Griphook that takes the two points today, as he is much more exclusive/unique/rare across the LEGO universe. 2nd place of course goes to Thanos and MCU, while SW takes a 3rd place with its X-Wing microbuild.

We hope today’s minifig matchup is the first of many more to come this season. With today’s results, the score is now:

HP- 13

MCU- 11

SW- 9

To be continued…

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