Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 12

Entering Day 12, HP has a two-point lead over MCU, and a four point buffer on SW. Will that lead expand today, or will the other calendars close the gap? Read on as we wrap up the weekend:

Day 12- MCU

Steve: Day 12 for the MCU – the first micro-build from this calendar, it’s the SHEILD Heli-carrier.

This is really just an “OK” representation of the in-universe vehicle. I feel the build doesn’t quite nail the shape of the angled upper flight deck. Colours are OK, but overall – I was happier when the MCU was avoiding micro-scale builds.

No description available.

Day 12- SW

Patrick: Day 12 of the Star Wars advent calendar provides a vehicle to fight opposite yesterday’s Rebel X-Wing; an Imperial TIE Fighter! This is a bit less common of a design to see in advent calendars, but effective and welcomed nonetheless. TIE advent builds have come a long way since two 2×2 plate wings and a centre travis brick!

No description available.

Day 12- HP

Matt: After a big minifig battle win yesterday for Griphook, HP looks to keep the momentum going.

Day 12 reveals a Gringotts mine cart. Now that Harry has his vault key, we are entering the Gringotts vault courtesy this cart, just as in the film. I like that it has seating for 2, and functions with the 4 attached wheels. The headlights are nice, especially the front with the gold clip, as they are also present in the film, albeit for a quick scene. I think I will keep this build for my dwarves mining scene I currently have on display.

The HP calendar has held fast to its chronological order so far, and this mine cart has a dedicated position on the developing game board. Overall another solid, film-relevant, functional, and to-scale build offered up today by HP.

No description available.


With its function and to-scale design, HP takes another big two points today to extend its lead. In the battle of the microbuilds, SW comes out on top owing to an efficient redesign of a microscale TIE. In 3rd place, the Helicarrier- immediately recognizable but perhaps some odd color choices for today.

With that, HP has surprisingly opened up a mid-calendar lead with SW trailing MCU by a single point. The scores are now:

HP- 15

MCU- 11

SW- 10

To be continued..

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