Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 13

After a strong weekend for HP, a new week begins and all calendars are still in the hunt. Let’s see the opening gifts for Monday:

Day 13- MCU

Steve: Opening the second half for the MCU, on say 13 we get a present and a stocking!

The colour scheme for the present says “Captain Marvel” – maybe a hint of a figure to come? The stocking is big and green and definitely belongs to The Hulk.

We’ve seen presents before in calendar builds, and they are often a bland day – I think the injection of humour with the massively oversized Hulk stocking (it even has a crane attachment point…). takes it up a notch.

No description available.

Day 13- SW

Patrick: Day 13 of the Star Wars advent contains, in my opinion, the first (and hopefully not last) great minifigure of the calendar, the Imperial Scout Trooper! While not unique, this is only the third time we’ve received this newest version of the Scout Trooper, which has great torso and leg printing, and a brand new helmet mold! Outside of the Razor Crest and the unpopular Action Battle Endor set from 2019, this is the only set containing the Imperial Scout with this new armour, and it’s an awesome inclusion!

No description available.

Day 13- HP

Matt: After back-to-back strong entries over the weekend, HP has opened a surprising although welcome mid-calendar lead. I;m really enjoying the chronological progression to Hogwarts, so let’s keep it going!

Behind the door on Day 13 is the entrance to Harry’s vault at Gringotts. The build is mid-scale, with an opening/functioning round door, like the vault depicted in the movie. I like the quarter round tiles and how they have been implemented here. With a bit of imagination, the modified 2×3 brown plate with hole provides a keyhole for the key previous provided on Day 11. Placing today’s build on the gameboard puts it near the mine cart and the tracks. The board tells us to place day’s “13+14” on the same spot- perhaps providing a clue for tomorrow’s gift. All in all, I like the vault door and certainly not the worst entry we’ve seen this year, albeit not quite up to HP’s “lofty weekend” standards.

No description available.
No description available.


With its Scout Trooper minifig, SW takes an easy two points today. 2nd/3rd place was a more controversial discussion. Ultimately, the majority felt as though the festive nature of MCU’s offering trumped HP’s functional vault door. Therefore, it’s MCU taking 2nd place, and HP left on the outside looking in (to the vault) in 3rd.

With the win, SW catches up to MCU, and the scores are now:

HP- 15

MCU- 12

SW- 12

To be continued…

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