Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 14

The race remains close entering Day 14, as both MCU/SW are tied for 2nd place, on the heels of HP. Let’s see how it all pans out today:

Day 14- MCU

Steve: Day 14 for MCU brings us a build of one of Tony Stark’s shop robots, DUM-E. It’s a simple build but does a good job of evoking the robot from the Iron Man films in just a few parts. For a festive touch, he’s carrying a stocking for decorating.

No description available.

Day 14- SW

Patrick: Behind door #14 of the Star Wars advent calendar is a pretty run of the mill weapon rack. Its built up with a few grey bricks and slopes, but its unimpressive and not worth deciphering its location from the Mandalorian. It comes with a standard blaster and a blaster pistol, presumably arming the Scout Trooper received yesterday. Alternatively, the pistol could be for the Scout and the blaster for the Stormtrooper from Day 3.

Interestingly, both “weapon racks” so far have contained two free studs and directly coincide with a previous day’s figure, so these racks may also function as minifigure stands for their respective figures, increasing their desirability in my opinion. This build needs pros, because unfortunately its another weak Imperial-based build that likely won’t survive the bulk bin long.

No description available.
No description available.

Day 14- HP

Matt: After a tough loss yesterday, HP is trying to get back on (trolley) track today.

Behind Door #14 is Harry’s vault full of Galleons at Gringotts. This is another “two-part” build where LEGO has spread the completed model over two days rather than one, similar to days 3 and 4. Bummer.

The build itself is mainly a collection of pearl gold parts representing Harry’s vast wealth left behind to him by his late parents. The best pieces here are the 1×2 ingots (2) and the 1×2 “jumper” plates (2). The rest of the 1×1 round studs complete the treasure trove. The tan brick actually does connect to Day 13’s vault door (pictured below) so at least there’s an element of connectivity there.

I know the books/films place emphasis on the fact that Harry has considerably more wealth than most wizarding families (especially the Weasley’s), but today’s entry could have been improved by adding some Sickles (in flat or metallic silver) and Knuts (in the now-retired copper/bronze anyone? *sigh*) to the trove. In any event, this vault interior looks much better as a completed build than on its own.

No description available.
No description available.


With both its festive and functional elements, the MCU entry takes a solid two points over the competition today. In the “battle of the two-parters”, both SW and HP calendars break up completed builds over a two day period, a disappointing trend for both calendars over the years. In the end, HP grabs 2nd place as the gold pieces are more rare (ish) than the blasters/grey elements found on SW’s sad weapons rack- adding some value to the bulk bin. Both calendars look to move on from an ugly day while MCU shines, and the scores are now:

HP- 16

MCU- 14

SW- 12

To be continued…

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