Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 15

With the race divided and separated by two points each, we take a peak at what’s behind the doors today:

Day 15- MCU

Steve: Day 15 in the MCU – what has the multiverse brought us? We have Captain Marvel!

This is a solid figure, with clear printing (including printed legs). The print aligns well across the torso and hips, and includes metallic details for extra “punch.” Finally, we also have an action feature with the squeeze-and-shoot snowballs as accessories. Not unique, but a good find.

No description available.

Day 15- SW

Patrick: Day 15 of the Star Wars advent is sticking with the popular Imperial theme, with this small but effective speeder bike for Day 13’s Scout Trooper. Similar to the 4+ Snowspeeder’s Hoth Imperial speeder bike, this cool little model, coupled with the Scout, is likely depicting the scene where Grogu was taken by Scout Troopers and roughed up before being saved by IG-11 in the season 1 finale. Overall, this is probably one of the better speeders we’ve received from advent calendars, and a welcome addition to my Imperial collection.

No description available.

Day 15- HP

Matt: After a couple debatable entries over the last two days, HP is looking for a home run today.

Unfortunately, they don’t get that on Day 15. Behind the door is another accessory offering- a book with parchment, a wand case, and Harry’s wand(s). While this entry reminds me of Day 4’s accessory pack, it’s definitely better, containing rarer and more coveted elements. The wand case in particular is definitely on the newer/rarer side. I know they were present in the massive Diagon Alley set, but unsure as to whether they’re made their way into smaller, more affordable retail sets. In any event, today’s items are a welcome addition for HP fans, but they likely won’t be enough to score a point today in the battle- which is a disappointing outcome.

No description available.


MCU grabs another 1st place win this season, with its Captain Marvel figure. IN 2nd place, SW gets a mid-scale speeder build. In 3rd place, HP gets a nice accessaroy pack but not enough to score points on Day 15.

With that, MCU catches right back up to even the lead with HP, and the scores are now:

HP- 16

MCU- 16

SW- 13

To be continued…

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