Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 23

There’s only two days left of this year’s battle (where did December go?) and SW is hot on the heels of MCU. Will there be a tie, or will one calendar finish alone in 2nd? Find out:

Day 23- MCU

Steve: Day 23 from the MCU is a Christmas tree.

It’s ok as far as trees go at this scale – I feel Harry Potter has done this better in previous years (spoiler: they do it better this year too).

Most disappointing is that again, LEGO has given us an incomplete build. We can see on the box this tree decorated with the Infinity Gems, but they are absent – I can only assume they are included with Day 24.

No description available.

Day 23- SW

Patrick: he second-to-last day of the Star Wars advent calendar features our first official Lego model of Grogu’s bubble/carriage/hoverpram seen in the Mandalorian, until it was destroyed in Season 2. This model is a great size and has effective shaping for the Grogu received yesterday, as well as some festive red highlights to match his Christmas onesie. This isn’t totally accurate to the in-universe design, which was mostly white and tan, but some minor modifying can effectively switch this over. Overall, its a great Tibbs Eve build and will NOT be seeing my bulk bin anytime soon.

No description available.
No description available.

Day 23- HP

Matt: While HP took a loss yesterday, let’s see what they conjure up on the second to last day of the calendars. History tells me not to expect much, but this year has been full of neat gifts I’m cautiously optimisitc.

Behind Door #23 is a Christmas tree. Ah yes, it wouldn’t be an HP advent calendar without one, having seen two versions previously (at least we didn’t get any small shrubs/trees this year). This design is pretty neat in that it captures the roundish shaping of a tree nicely. The pearl gold star decorations are welcome, and overall I can’t knock it too much, even if I had hoped for something more on theme on Day 23. I do think it edges out the MCU tree for what it’s worth, simply because MCU is incomplete. All in all, my biggest concern is that I was expecting something else today, as alluded to on the AC box art. That means my greatest Advent Calendar fear my be realized tomorrow on the 24th…we shall see.

No description available.


With its scale and festive-colors, the hover-pram for Grogu and SW captures its second straight two points today, meaning the race with MCU will come down to the wire! In 2nd place, HP takes the single point owing to its taller, more complete tree design. In 3rd, MCU, with an incomplete and smaller tree design.

With only ONE DAY REMAINING, the scores are:

HP- 28

MCU- 21

SW- 20

To be concluded…

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