Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 24

One.Day.Left. With only a single point separating MCU and SW, let’s see how the race for 2nd plays out as we open THE FINAL DOORS of each Advent Calendar:

Day 24- MCU

Steve: For the last door, the MCU presents us The Infinity Gauntlet!

There’s not much “build” here but it looks great. The Gauntlet comes with a full sprue (4 gems) for each of the 6 colours of Infinity Stones, which is a great find. These extra gems also allow us to finally decorate the tree from day 23.

No description available.

Day 24- SW

Patrick: Receiving Grogu on the 22nd meant Mando wasn’t far behind, and even better, he’s dressed up for the festive season like Grogu! The final day of the advent gives us our second exclusive, festive figure, featuring The Mandalorian in a festive, red scarf. Unlike Thor from the MCU calendar, Mando actually has this part printed on an existing torso, making it unique to this advent calendar. While this isnt the most impressive day 24 Star Wars figure we’ve received, the fact its our second exclusive figure in 3 days makes up for it. The prints are crisp and clean, and although its a bit shocking were STILL receiving an all-black head underneath the helmet, its excusable for a figure with a helmet so cool, it isn’t being removed anyway.

No description available.

Day 24- HP

Matt: Well, we’ve somehow made it to the end and I have to say I’m just as surprised as my other reveiwers that HP took the victory by Day 21 this year. More on that later. Let’s see how they finish off the calendar.

Day 24 brings us….a spinner? Man, this is about as anti-climatic as it gets. The spinner is on the box, but  I was hoping to get it yesterday at the latest, setting today up for one more minifigure. But alas, we get it now. It’s too bad that the designers decided to save this for last, but I suppose the logic was now that the entire “game board” is complete, the spinner is the final thing required to “play.” I will say that it does function and I was able to get mine to spin on its top for a good 20 seconds. That said, to me, it’s a really disappointing final gift. Also, my printing on the spinner was WAY off, definitely falling under the category of a misprint.

All in all, HP is lucky it earned enough points for the overall win earlier because the last few days unfortunately lived up to previous calendars, leaving a lot to be desired. I’ll go more in depth about this in our final thoughts article later this evening, but for now, this is a definite flop.

No description available.


It’s an easy win for Mando and SW today- a festive unique minifig should always be the cherry on top of any advent calendar. In 2nd place, MCU with the Infinity Gauntlet and healthy does of infinity stones. In 3rd, HP, with an underwhelming gift to cap off the calendar.

As such, we have a tie for 2nd, with the final scores being:

HP- 28

MCU- 22

SW- 22

Stay tuned for our final thoughts article to wrap things up!

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