Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 18

HP and SW remain deadlocked in what’s turning into a great two way battle. MCU needs to finish on the scoreboard to remain mathematically in the competition. Let’s see what happens today.

Day 18 – MCU

Steve: On the eighteenth day of Christmas the Guardians gave to meeee… a spaceship to fly in gracefulleeee

Day 18 and the MCU is still clinging to life despite some bad matchups. Todays door give us a micro scale “Milano” – the Guardians first ship. 

This ship is destroyed at the end of Volume 1 so it’s a bit odd to see it here. No festive element or unique prints to elevate the build leaves it solidly in the “OK” column.  I think it’s a better build than the other ship from the calendar but it’s not exciting me.  MCU needs SOME points to stay alive, so it will come down to the matchups today. 

Day 18- SW

Pat: The Hoth gifts continue with day 18 of the Star Wars Calendar, this time for the good guys. We get a Hoth Defense Turret, an iconic Hoth Rebel weapon seen in many Lego system sets, and twice now in advent calendars. This model is a huge improvement of the 2016 version and scaled up a size, from 1×1 cylinder bases and a 2×2 dish top, to 2×2 cylinder bases and a more complex top, finished with a new 3×3 tile piece, which is cool to see and not a part I recognize. The centre build of the top uses a reddish brown Travis Brick (1×1 brick with a stud on each side) and some slanted rough bricks to achieve a rounded shape, which I think works really well, and the telescope piece as the turret itself works well enough too. Unfortunately though, a cool enough turret might not be enough this late in the season…

Day 18- HP

Matt: Taking a moment to pause on HP so far with a week left, I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be based on the box artwork. A string of decent daily gifts in the mid-game has kept this Battle close. That said, if history tells us anything, it’s that HP typically finishes calendar’s very poorly. I’m curious to see if they can buck that trend this year. Let’s check out Day 18.

Today we get another minifigure in the form of Severus Snape. I’ve always got tons to say about the potions master and his place in the entire story, but maybe for today I’ll focus on the build for now. From what I gather this isn’t an exclusive variant of Snape, but it is rare, having only appeared in two other retail sets to date. One of these is a larger set so getting him today represents good value. As appears to be the trend of the calendar, we don’t get any printing on the legs but the torso is great. Snape comes with a black wand sprue, which is a rarer colour for wands.

Overall, I really like getting Snape here in the 2022 calendar. It’s a figure that is shockingly only available in 9 variants. I would have thought that number would have been a little higher in 20+ years of LEGO Harry Potter, but alas. Great gift this late into the season.


With a rare minifigure of a main character, and no challengers in sight, HP and Snape take top marks. In second place, MCU, with a strong microbuild of its protagonist’s ship. In 3rd, SW with a micro hoth turret.

The Battle remains tight and with the win, HP grabs a quick two point lead, and the score goes to:

HP- 22

SW- 20

MCU- 12

To be continued…

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