Meeting Minutes: November 7, 2018

NewfoundLUG met at 7:00 pm on November 7, 2018 at Bricks & Minifigs, 45 Blackmarsh Road, St. John’s, NL.


  • Recycling fund update.
  • Logo.
  • Christmas social.
  • Sci-Fi on the Rock Ambassador.


  • John Gillingham, Matthew Zwicker, Trevor Johnson, Steve Churchill, Geoff Stevens, Paula Gillingham, Andrew House, Mike Matthews, Don Richard, Jonathan Jones, Patrick Barnes.


  • Christmas social:
    • Agreed to hold a LUG social/open house event before Christmas.
    • Dec 13 7:00 pm at Bricks & Minifigs 45 Blackmarsh Road.
    • Food arrangements (potluck or order-in) to be decided via Facebook.
    • Matthew Zwicker to post details.
  • LUG show in 2019:
    • John Gillingham noted that Bricks and Minifigs is interested in hosting the LUG for a show in 2019.
    • The group expressed interest and discussed scheduling around other events in early 2019.
    • Concluded that this show should take place after the release of the LEGO Movie 2 (Feb 8, 2019).
    • Media should be contacted before the show to generate interest as previously.
  • Sci-Fi on the Rock (March 29-31, 2019):
    • Matthew Zwicker has been approached by SFOTR to represent the LUG as an ambassador.
    • LUG commitment is to do a 45-minute panel (presentation), and supply a logo and group description for their promotional material.
    • Benefits are guaranteed table for the group, higher profile and awareness at the event, and inclusion on the brochures/social media/promotional material.
    • The group expressed interest in the ambassador role and in attending Sci-Fi and plans to accept Sci-Fi’s offer.
    • Matthew will continue dialog with SFOTR and John Gillingham will reach out to his contact there to see if more table space is a possibility.
  • Possible event for The LEGO Movie 2 release at Cineplex (Feb 8, 2019):
    • Idea is for the LUG to approach Cineplex (theatre in Avalon Mall, St. John’s) about the LUG having a display in the theatre lobby area on release day.
    • Group expresesed interest and much discussion on logistics such as:
      • May need to open the LUG up to kids thereafter, which may require members to have Code of Conduct certificates in place.
      • Make sure ropes/barriers are in place, and break down at end of day.
    • Display ideas: MOC, some sets released for the movie, proper banner with LUG name and logo.
    • Mike Matthews offered to contact his aunt who works at Cineplex to get dialog started.
  • Toys R Us event:
    • Patrick Barnes noted that is may be possible for the LUG to do a display in Toys R Us.
    • Agreed to keep this on the radar for later in 2019 as there are plenty of events early in the year.
  • Logo:
    • Sci-Fi needs a logo to print in programs and use on social media.
    • Trevor Johnson and Andrew Wheeler to work on digital file incorporating “NewfoundLUG” text.
  • Recycling fund:
    • Andrew Wheeler noted that contributions have begun with balance at $7.85 (updated on Nov 8 to $24.00).

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