Meeting Minutes: January 16, 2019

NewfoundLUG met at 7:00 pm on January 16, 2019 at Bricks & Minifigs, 45 Blackmarsh Road, St. John’s, NL.


  • LEGO Movie 2 event
  • LUG Showcase in February
  • Sci-Fi On The Rock
  • Topic for panel presentation at Sci-Fi
  • Website
  • Logo


  • Paula Gillingham, Andrew Wheeler, Patrick Barnes, John Gillingham, Matthew Zwicker, Steve Churchill, Geoff Stevens, Trevor Johnson, Andrew House, Jasen Vokey

Bricks in Attendance

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  • LEGO Movie 2 event
    • It was hoped that the LUG could do a showcase event at the Scotiabank Theatre in St. John’s. It now looks like this won’t be arranged in time for the Feb 8 movie release.
  • LUG Showcase
    • Scheduled for Saturday February 23, 10 am – 5 pm at Bricks & Minifigs in St. John’s at 45 Blackmarsh Road.
    • Discussed promoting the showcase through social media, preparing a press release, and contacting media outlets such as Coast, Scope, Telegram, VOCM, NTV and others.
  • Sci-Fi On The Rock (March 29-31, 2019 in St. John’s)
    • Application for a table submitted by Steve Churchill on behalf of the LUG.
    • Matthew Zwicker is in an Ambassador role at Sci-Fi on behalf of the LUG.
      • The Ambassdor role doesn’t guarantee a group table, so we await response on the table application to see if the LUG will attend as a group.
    • John Gillingham noted that he is able to order custom-printed minifig torsos. If the LUG is interested in torsos with its logo for showcase handouts (or for members!) at Sci-Fi or future shows, John can help arrange the order.
  • LUG Participation
    • Discussion arose on how to increase LUG membership and participation,
    • Noted some names and contacts had been taken down at previous showcases, but follow-up contact was not made. Executive committed to do a better job with this at upcoming showcases.
    • Several ideas discussed to encourage meeting attendance including: better showing what we do at the meetings; scheduling meetings on a more regular basis; alternating business-oriented meetings with fun events such as a set draft or learning event.
    • Discussed opening LUG meetings to those under age 18:
      • Several ideas discussed including: opening a limited number of meetings to kids; asking kids and parents what they would be interested in doing/seeing at a LUG meeting; need for adult-accompaniment under certain age 12; asking NovaLUG how they approached involving kids in the LUG.
      • Concern raised that the meetings might be abused by some parents as a baby-sitting service.
      • Noted that there are mature LEGO fans who are still under age 18 that have interests similar to adult members and would likely fit in well with the LUG.
      • Agreed to table this item until next meeting.
  • Topic for Sci-Fi panel presentation
    • Some ideas discussed but no topic chosen yet. Need to follow-up on this.
  • Website
    • Noted that the website lacks regular content updates and an interested member is needed to take on responsibility for updates.
    • Geoff Stevens volunteered to update until the next LUG executive election.
    • Content to include: notices leading into events and meetings; agenda and minutes; post-event writeups and photos; MOC photos from Facebook group (with member permission); adding the logo; About Us section, executive, constitution, etc.
    • Noted that posting strategy should website first, then in a Facebook post include a link to the website.
  • Roadmap for 2019
    • Concern raised that more concerted effort needs to be made to implement some of the ideas for the LUG (such as utilizing the website).
  • Recycling account
    • Andrew Wheeler provided an update that the balance is now $44.45. Recycling can be dropped at Ever Green Recycling, 79 Blackmarsh Road in St. John’s and it will be credited to the LUG account. Enter phone number 7272413 into the self-serve kiosk to credit to the account.
  • LUG Logo selection
    • Matthew Zwicker presented 5 logos drafted by his colleague Darrell Heath. Thank you to Darrell and Matthew!
    • Logos 1 and 5 were selected unanimously by members at the meeting. See the image uploaded to the group.
  • Banner stand
    • Discussed obtaining a banner stand now that the logo is in place. Matthew noted that Darrell can do the design for this as well. The LUG will need to provide text and images.
    • Ideas for the banner included: logo; short description/mission statement; web/facebook address; QR codes linking to website/facebook; spaces where photos of member MOCs can be attached with magnets.
    • No final decision made on content at this time.
  • LEGO Conventions
    • Andrew Wheeler noted two conventions in particular. Anyone planning to attend a convention could post in the group to meet up/coordinate with other members.
    • Brickworld Chicago June 12-16, 2019
    • Brickfete Toronto August 8-11, 2019.
  • Scheduling of meetings
    • Discussed the need to improve on the short-notice Facebook poll for scheduling.
    • Ideas included: polling quarterly (schedule next 3 meetings in a poll); set monthly meetings on a rigid schedule; alternate nights of the week to allow memebers with other commitments to attend at least some meetings.
    • Agreed to improve scheduling after the Sci-Fi convention.
  • Geek Out At The Library
    • Noted that the St. John’s library plans to do another event for May 4.

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