Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 9

Entering day 9, we’re all square for the third time this holiday season. Either HP or SW will take the lead today! Who will it be? Let’s find out:

Harry Potter- Day 9

Matt: After two less than stellar entries, HP has let its early lead slip. I’m expecting a solid entry today, as HP badly needs it. Behind door #9 is…a side table. Ah yes, the infamous side table, one of the 7 Horcruxes that Harry is tasked with destroying using…ah, nevermind. There’s no way to sugar coat this entry today. By far the weakest of the season, this is a new low for HP for 2020, making yesterday’s irrelevant couch look like Albus Dumbledore himself. As for the build, the legs are ok, making decent use of dark brown 1×1 cylinders, but that’s where it ends. The 2×2 circular jumper plate in dark tan mysteriously adorns the center of the table, perhaps suggesting there is something else to go on top in the coming days? We can only speculate. The only redeeming accessory today is the clear bottle of what I presume is Pumpkin juice owing to the orange 1×1 flower plate on top. Hard to tell whether this table is intended for the Yule Ball or in the Gryffindor common room. With entries like these, HP is going to have an exceptionally hard time competing and keeping up with SW this season. This one hurts.

Star Wars- Day 9

Steve: Day 9 of the Star Wars Advent Calendar brings us a minifigure – Rey in her “Rise of the Skywalker” outfit. This is another good figure with both leg and waist printing – I feel the lack of arm printing is a wasted opportunity since the character wears armbands in the movie, but that’s a nitpick at best. While not rare or unique, the figure has only appeared in 2 sets before this, so it’s a welcome addition to my collection. Even without the “minifigs win over builds” rule, I think Rey would easily beat HP’s offering of more furniture.


HP’s Day 9 offering beats its own record for worst advent offering yet, set only yesterday with the couch. Another lopsided point goes to SW. With that, HP has been hit with a Petrificus Totalus spell and has completely seized up, while SW is white hot, with a 3 day win streak. With the win, SW takes its first lead of the holiday season, and the score is now:

HP- 4

SW- 5

To be continued…

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