Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 10

After dropping three straight days, HP finds itself behind SW entering Day 10. Can SW extend its lead or will HP be able to break out of its funk? Let’s check it out:

Harry Potter- Day 10

Matt: To say the last 3 days have been a disappointment for HP fans in the seasonal battle would be an understatement. Capped by the dreaded side table (which my sources tell me is used to mount the gramophone- big whoop), HP is definitely on a cold streak. I’m hoping today’s offering stops the bleeding. Behind Door #10 is a Yule Ball variant of Ron Weasley! As far as I can tell, this figure has only appeared once before, so it definitely has a rarity factor, making him a great get here. Ron has a two sided face, with both happy and sour-ish looking expressions. This is true to his Yule Ball form, as he is memorably twisted during the ball- probably due to his jealousy of Hermione/Viktor Krum and his shabby dress robes. Speaking of which, I love his dark green bowtie and printing on his dress robe attire. Capped with medium legs and an extra sprue of wands, this is a great bounce back for HP on Day 10, albeit after conceding three straight points.

Star Wars- Day 10

Steve: Here it is – the first minifig to minifig matchup for the year – and Star Wars put up a holiday version of D-O. D-O is a droid introduced in Episode 9, and doesn’t have a lot of screen time. This is a minifig only by technicality, as there’s no articulation, it’s just a single molded piece with printing. It’s nice that they included the Santa Hat (Life Day Hat? The holiday continuity gets a little fuzzy here), but overall I think this is a figure only of interest to collectors and completionists. With Harry Potter veering back to the Yule Ball theme, it’s an easy win for HP today.


While technically this is out first minifig matchup of the season, it’s really not a true blue head to head matchup. With its rarity and significance to the Yule Ball theme and overall calendar, HP comes away with the point today. With the win, HP breaks out of its cold streak, and not a moment too soon, as the score is all tied at:

HP- 5

SW- 5

To be continued…

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