Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 14

Steve is back to kick off the week.

As we hit the two week mark of the month, SW has the lead by 1. Will this be the day they separate from HP or will HP claw its way back to a draw? Read on to find out:

Harry Potter- Day 14

Matt: We’ve had a serious string of mediocre builds so I am not too sure what to expect from HP on a go forth basis. Behind Door #14 is ANOTHER window/festive sill. I still can’t believe this got through to production. These mantle/sill combos do not evoke anything HP in my opinion, and take up precious space in a calendar. Furthermore, today’s offering is almost a repeat of the previous window frame. The only redeeming addition is the chocolate frog included in today’s offering. We now have a mantle and two frames that can all be connected to one another, forming a somewhat decent scene, but one which we may not have even wanted. All in all, a real disappointment for me personally, as I was really rooting for this calendar to get back on track.

Star Wars- Day 14

Steve: We knew it was coming, they warned us on the box, and on Day 14, it’s Battle Droid Day for the Star Wars Calendar. What can we say? its the same figure that’s been in every Advent Calendar, the same extra arms, not even a splash of colour printing to mark it as a different class of Battle Droid. The only thing new-ish is that it has a gun-metal pearl grey blaster instead of a black one.


Both camps are not overly impressed with their daily offering on this day, but at least SW presents us with a new build/fig for the calendar. On the flip side, HP’s felt cheapened, as it is essentially a repeat of a previous offering. With that, SW takes another point today, and take a two point lead for the first time this season:

HP- 6

SW- 8

To be continued…

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