Battle of the Licensed Advent Calendars- Day 15

After two weeks, SW has been the superior calendar and holds on to a two point lead. With just 10 days remaining, can HP make it interesting or will SW run away with the competition? Let’s see what’s behind the doors of Day 15:

Harry Potter- Day 15

Matt: Trailing by two points entering Day 15, I’m not near optimistic about how the battle is progressing from HP’s point of view. However, with the mantle/windowsill scene complete, I’m anxious to move on to something else. Behind door #15 is Padma Patil! Not only is she an exclusive minifigure but this is also LEGO’s first attempt at representing her in brick form, and in my opinion, there’s no better time to do it. You could argue that while the Patil twin’s (who, fun fact, are in different Hogwarts houses) are mentioned throughout the series, they are minor characters at best. That said, they’ve never been more prominent than at the Yule Ball, where they are the dates of both Ron and Harry. Initially, I was confused as to which Patil twin we have on our hands today, but judging by the art on the actual HPAC box, Ron is standing next to this minifigure, making today’s entry Padma Patil. My sources tell me this is also consistent with the on screen rendition, based on the dress colours. This also suggests that her twin sister Parvati will show up at some point in this year’s advent calendar, which is something worth noting and getting excited about. Anyhow, getting back to the actual figure, I think it’s splendid and faithful to the film. Highlights for me include the magenta torso and printing, the coral colour 1×2 brick with silver printing to represent the medium legs/dress, and the rare dark orange wand (with an extra sprue). I also like the metallic gold bindi printing on her forehead. All in all, this is a much needed bounce back for HP today, if only to keep the competition interesting. HP fans of all ages will be happy with today’s offering, and might just be the best entry of the season to date.

Star Wars- Day 15

Steve: Star Wars reveals a Trade Federation Droid Control Ship in microscale. It’s a good model, and one we haven’t seen in LEGO official models before in any scale. I wish the arms were a little more rounded, as the movie model is more circular, but at this scale that is really looking for faults. Overall this is just a good microscale capital ship, and I’d like to see more of that. It’s clearly no contest, however, as Harry Potter puts up a good minifig of Parvati (or Padma?) Patil, with lovely silver printing.


With the exclusive, and first Padma Patil minifigure, HP gets one back today, moving within a single point of SW. The score is now:

HP- 7

SW- 8

To be continued…

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