Meeting Minutes: March 14, 2019


  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Registered LUG application.
  • NewfoundLUG Showcase debrief.
  • Sci-Fi On The Rock.
  • Avalon Expo.
  • Geek Out At The Library.
  • Other business.


Stephen Churchill, John Gillingham, Matthew Zwicker, Jonathan Jones, Patrick Barnes, Mike Matthews, Paul Dawe, Matt Cooper, Jasen Vokey, Trevor Johnson, Tony Ronan, Geoff Stevens


  • Scheduling meetings:
    • Proposed schedule of bi-monthly meetings in the first week of that month.
    • Results in a minimum of 6 meetings per year plus any extra meetings for event organization, etc.
    • Rotate across Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    • Discussion preceding vote: meetings at 6-week intervals; meetings on same day of the week once per month; method of choosing the Tue/Wed/Thu; method of scheduling extra meetings.
    • Vote called and passed as proposed.
  • Registered LUG (RLUG) Application:
    • LEGO quietly reopened applications for RLUG status.
    • Stephen Churchill immediately submitted an application on behalf of the LUG since LEGO could close the applications at any time.
    • LEGO intends to review by end of March, results by mid-April.
    • Application has changed since LEGO purged many of their RLUGs.
    • RLUGs are part of the LEGO Ambassador Network – see link for more info.
  • NewfoundLUG Showcase debrief:
    • John Gillingham estimates 650 attendees.
    • Excellent media coverage by CBC and VOCM on TV, radio, social media, websites.
    • Several members received positive feedback from friends, public, etc after the event.
    • John Gillingham noted that people dropped into the store to give positive feedback.
    • Several members noted difficulty preventing kids from handling the displays, especially displays in motion.
    • A survey was created and is still online if any member wants to give feedback on the event. Survey link.
  • Sci-Fi On The Rock (March 29-31, 2019):
    • NewfoundLUG has a panel slot (date and time to be announced). Any member interested in presenting at the panel please contact Stephen Churchill, Matthew Zwicker or Geoff Stevens. Current plan is for Stephen, Matt, John G., and Geoff to present.
    • Group tables were announced and NewfoundLUG didn’t receive a table at Sci-Fi this year.
    • Event is at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland in St. John’s.
  • Geek Out At The Library (May 4, 2019):
    • NewfoundLUG has been invited to attend again this year.
    • The LUG has been offered the entire Community Room on the lower level of the A.C. Hunter Library in St. John’s. This means there will be lots of room for displays. Note that extra tables will probably be needed if any LUG members can access tables.
  • Avalon Expo (July 26-28, 2019):
    • Group application for NewfoundLUG was submitted this week.
    • Event is at the REMAX Centre in St. John’s.
  • Other business:
    • Recycling account: Andrew Wheeler sends word that the balance is now $71.85. Members can donate recyclables to NewfoundLUG at any of Evergreen Recycling’s four locations and provide the account number 5710 or 7272413.
    • Banner stand: discussion on members’ interest in purchasing a banner stand for use at shows and events. Matthew Zwicker noted that Darrell Heath has started some work on the design. Matt will bring several concepts to the LUG when ready.
    • Printed torsos: John Gillingham noted that the Bricks & Minifigs franchise can print custom minifig torsos. The LUG may want to consider printing torsos with its logo.
    • Annual Meeting: noted that the next meeting (May 1, 2019) will be the annual meeting. Nominations for LUG officers will occur beforehand via Facebook group. Election will occur at the meeting and proxy votes are permitted.
    • Newfoundland Public Libraries “LEGO Builder’s Club”: Geoff Stevens noted this new regular event hosted by library staff. Events are held on weekday afternoons (see for schedule) and seem to be intended for kids. Libraries seem open to collaboration if NewfoundLUG is interested. Meanwhile, membership requests to NewfoundLUG from those under age 18 could possibly be directed to the library. Geoff will touch base with library staff first.
    • Possible fall Showcase: John Gillingham presented the idea of another showcase in the Fall hosted by Bricks & Minifigs. This showcase could possibly be child-focused, perhaps including a tutorial build. Members will consider this and discuss at the next meeting.

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